Is LoveLove rain the best K-drama?

Is LoveLove rain the best K-drama?

Love Rain is the BEST DRAMA OF ALL TIME!! The drama is unique and different from other korean dramas…..The Beautiful drama is full of sorrow and laughter at the same time. It is soo addictive that i watched the latest episodes without English Subs and i still did not miss a single episode even though i had tests!!

Who is the director of the Korean drama Love Rain?

“Love Rain” is a South Korean drama series directed by Yoon Seok Ho that airs between March 26, 2012, and May 29, 2012. The drama reunites Yoon, a well-known director of Korean dramas, with screenwriter Oh Soo Yun,…

Is ‘Love Rain’ Coming to Japan?

Love Rain previously made headlines in Japan after the broadcasting right for the drama was sold even before the drama began airing in Korea. Even among the Korean contents available at the content market, MIPTV, which took place in April in France’s Cannes, Love Rain was the most sought after Korean content.

Is the drama Love Rain worth watching?

I really the story in the drama ” Love Rain ” …as if the real story and the actors/actreses who play part in it is very good. Good luck nd get rewards later. really enjoy this drama….

What are the air times of Love Rain on TV?

In the phil, there are 3 air times; 5am, 2:10pm,9pm. because love rain is so good to watch, i make sure i watch it 3 times a day. the cast is just great They can convey to the viewers the emotions. BRAVO I love this drama very much. Please some more……

Did the first 4 episodes of Love Rain ruin the ratings?

I think the first 4 episodes ruined the ratings. If they’d have limited the beginning to just 2 episodes, I think more people would’ve stuck with it. I hope more people will give this drama a chance and the ratings go up. Love Rain is a proof of YoonA’s growth as an actress.

What is the story behind LoveLove rain?

Love Rain stories similar with taiwanese drama “Devil beside You”, where a father who had a son fell in love with a woman who has a daughter, then their children also fell in love with one another,in the end on DBY .. later the children will be siblings,and keep as a lover too.!! it’s really good ending although crossing the culture of society.

Should Kdrama Love Rain be cancelled?

KBS should cancel ‘Love Rain’. The ‘Love Rain’ plot is terrible. This kdrama can’t gain viewership by causing subtle pain to their viewers. ‘Love Rain’ needs to stop focusing on sadist and masochist motives and develop a solid plot. Despite the low ratings, ‘Love Rain’ is nothing without Yoona, they couldn’t be successful with any one else.