Is John Norman still writing?

Is John Norman still writing?

John Norman is the pen name of John Frederick Lange Jr. (born June 3, 1931), who is the author of the Gor series of science fantasy novels, and a professor of philosophy….

John Norman
Genre Science fantasy Sword and planet
Notable works Gor novel series
Spouse Bernice L. Green (1956–present)
Children John David Jennifer

How many books are in the Gor series?


First published in 1966, Tarnsman of Gor is shown here with 1976 artwork by Boris Vallejo.
Publisher Del Rey
Published 1966—1988; 2001—present
Media type Print (paperback)
No. of books 36

Who wrote the books on Gor?

John Norman

Who owns Norman farming?

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Where was Outlaw Gor filmed?

South Africa
The main character’s name “Cabot” is spoken more than 55 times in the opening 10 minutes alone, mostly by his friend Watney Smith. Filmed concurrently with Gor. The final scene is shot in South Africa.

Who wrote the Thongor fantasy series?

Lin Carter
Thongor in the City of Magicians

Cover art for the original edition.
Author Lin Carter
Series Thongor series
Genre Fantasy
Publisher Paperback Library

Who wrote the Thonglor fantasy series?

writer Lin Carter
Thongor Against the Gods is a fantasy novel by American writer Lin Carter, the third book of his Thongor series set on the mythical continent of Lemuria.

How many times do they say Cabot in Outlaw of Gor?

The main character’s name “Cabot” is spoken more than fifty-five times in the opening 10 minutes alone. Thirty-five of those times are spoken by his “friend” Watney Smith.

How many Gor movies are there?

Outlaw of Gor1989

Who wrote Thongor?


Who is John Norman?

John Norman, the author of Gor novels, all 33 books written between 1967 to 2013, has also authored the Telnarian histories series, other novels, non-fiction works and a collection of short stories in a book called ‘Norman invasions’ that was published in 2009.He was born in Chicago in 1931.

What inspired the Gor series by John Norman?

The Gor series by John Norman are inspired by Gorean sub-culture, whose setting is a fictional counter earth called Gor. The story combines philosophy, science fiction and love.

What is John Norman’s education?

Most of you know that John Norman has a PhD. in philosophy, but what is less well known is that he also has a graduate degree in classical history. Norman puts all of his education to work in his novels. He borrows from classical history not only to build the various cultures found on Gor, but also in various allusions to classical mythology.

What is Norman Norman’s philosophy on male dominance?

While the philosophy presented is unquestionably that of male dominance, male characters are themselves occasionally enslaved by powerful females. In an interview with Polygraff magazine, Norman stated that he believes that it is obvious that all societies are based on dominance and hierarchy.