Is Jackson Hewitt at Walmart now?

Is Jackson Hewitt at Walmart now?

Are Jackson Hewitt and Walmart partners? Jackson Hewitt has been partnered with Walmart to offer clients convenient tax-preparation services and industry-leading financial products. We work hard to get our clients more.

How many Jackson Hewitt locations are there?

With close to 6,000 franchised and company-owned locations, including 3,000 in Walmart stores, and online and mobile tax solutions, Jackson Hewitt makes it convenient for clients to file their taxes.

How can I get in touch with Jackson Hewitt?

In order to provide the most effective service for questions regarding your Federal or State Return or Refund, please call us at 1-800-234-1040 or via chat on the Contact Us page. How likely are you to recommend Jackson Hewitt to a friend or family member?

How much does it cost to have taxes done at Walmart?

The cost of filing taxes at Walmart starts at $48. To learn more about how the process works, what other tax prep services Walmart offers, dates and locations, and how Walmart facilitates you receiving your refund, see all the info below!

Can I have the phone number for Jackson Hewitt?

1 (800) 234-1040
Jackson Hewitt/Customer service

How much does Jackson Hewitt charge for taxes?

Unlike many other online tax products or downloadable tax software, Jackson Hewitt Online covers all tax filers and tax situations with one product. It costs $49 for combined federal and state returns and $25 for federal filing only.

Are all Jackson Hewitt offices independently owned and operated?

Most offices are independently owned and operated. The Drop-off Service (“Drop-off”) is a service provided in connection with paid tax preparation services offered at participating locations. To begin tax prep through the Drop-off service, you must: 1. Request a Drop-off folder and client data sheet from a Tax Pro at a Jackson Hewitt location. 2.

How do I submit my taxes to Jackson Hewitt tax pro?

Insert completed data sheet and all relevant tax documents into the folder and directly hand to a Jackson Hewitt Tax Pro or other office personnel, who will securely store your documents. FEDERAL RETURNS ONLY.

Why Jackson Hewitt ®?

Why Jackson Hewitt ®? Our Tax Pros will connect with you one-on-one, answer all your questions, and always go the extra mile to support you. We have flexible hours, locations, and filing options that cater to every hardworking tax filer. We’ve seen it all and will help you through it all. 35 years of experience and our guarantees back it up.