Is HP Tuners software free?

Is HP Tuners software free?

This means that you are free to make any operating system or calibration level modifications and flash those to the VCM/PCM. The VCM Editor also allows for increased vehicle support for tuners, along with access to extra VCM/PCM operating system code modifications.

What software does HP Tuners use?

HP Tuners VCM Suite has been designed to work with Microsoft Windows® 7 or newer. Windows 10 is the recommended operating system.

How do I download HP tuner?

Plug the MPVI interface in, go to the control panel, device drivers, expand the USB section. The drivers should be on the CD or you can always download the latest drivers from here:

How much does HP Tuners software cost?

The package includes the shown interface module and OBD II cable, along with a USB 2.0 computer cable and complete software package (VCM Editor and VCM Scanner). The price for this package is $649 and it includes eight credits.

Where is Oz tuning located?

OZ Tuning

Address: 14730 Peppermill Trail Clermont , FL, 34711
Contact: 407-900-6250
Social: OzTuned

How do I update my HP tuner software?

Firmware Update Steps:

  1. Plug the interface into the PC but not the vehicle.
  2. Unplug all other USB devices from the PC.
  3. Do not disturb the PC or Interface during the update.
  4. Click Begin to start the update process.
  5. If the update fails, please unplug the interface from the PC and then plug it back in.

How much HP does HP tuner add?

To give a ballpark figure – if you are on a stock car, you could probably gain 10-15 horsepower from a dyno tune. However, if you are running on performance parts like exhaust and turbo then 50 horsepower gain is possible – even more depending on your engine and what performance parts you equip.

How to install hp tuners?

How to Install HP Tuner MPVI2 Software. After downloading done,double click “VCM Suite” Click “Next” to install VCM Suit. Check “I accept the terms in the license Agreemet”,then click “Next” Then click “Next” to install the default or click “Change ” to choose another. Click “Install” to begin the installation

How to update HP tuners?

Download the latest firmware – Firmware 3.35

  • Either connect to the HP Tuners nGauge with a mini USB cable if you have one,or unplug the OBD2 cable from the car and remove the SD
  • Find the nGauge folder/SD card and open it.
  • Place the latest firmware into the nGauge folder/SD card. Do no place it in any of the sub-folders on the SD card.
  • Eject the SD card/nGauge from the computer,and re-install the SD card into your powered down HP Tuners nGauge if removed.
  • Power up the HP Tuners nGauge
  • From the main menu,select “SETTINGS>DIAGNOSTICS>UPDATE FROM SD”
  • Check that the firmware is now updated by going to “DIAGNOSTICS>SETTINGS>DEVICE INFO” If the update doesn’t install,repeat install process. If update continues to fail,contact [email protected]
  • After you update,go to “GAUGES>RESCAN VEHICLE”. Your Gauges settings and layout will go back to the default settings,but you have access to the latest parameters to
  • How to use HP tuner?

    Connect the USB cable to HP Tuner MPVI2 adapter and plug the USB adapter to your PC Now run HP Tuner VCM Editor software Click “Help”–>”MPVI2 Verification Code”

    What is VCM suite?

    VCM Suite is a set of tools for programming and diagnosing vehicles through the VCM/PCM module interface. It features the VCM Editor utility that lets you save, edit, and flash the VCM/PCM flash memory.