Is Howes a good diesel treatment?

Is Howes a good diesel treatment?

It provides lubricity, prevents deposits, and eliminates smoking and rough idle. Warranty safe, it is effective in all diesel and biodiesel fuels, including home heating oil. From truckers to farmers, pick-ups to diesel automobiles, Howes Diesel Treat is the most trusted additive on the market.

How much is Howes diesel treatment per gallon?

how much howes per gallon of diesel? Answer: Above 0F 1/2 gallon per 320 gallons of fuel.

What is diesel anti gel made of?

Lucas Oil’s unique Anti-Gel blend contains wax crystal modifiers to lower the pour point and cold filter plugging point of diesel fuel. All diesel fuel contains some paraffin wax and, as temperatures drop, the wax tends to fall out of solution and form a lattice-like cluster of wax crystals, gelling the fuel.

Why choose Howes diesel treat?

Proven over millions of miles by countless fleets and over the road truckers, Howes Diesel Treat is the product that will keep your truck going all winter long or Howes pays the tow. 100% Money Back Guarantee. All Howes products from automotive to trucking carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

What is Howes diesel lifeline?

The simple, smart solution to winter emergencies, Howes Diesel Lifeline is the only product that requires no fuel mixing or fuel filter change. Once in the system, Howes Diesel Lifeline not only works to get you rolling again but, it continues to work to prevent fuel filter icing.

Why choose Howes fuel additives?

Howes offers a complete line of additives and lubricants designed to keep you on the road. “I Just Wanted To Say Thank You…” We just went through a hurricane in Florida. I have been storing a drum of diesel fuel for 7 years adding your product every six months. The fuel is running my generator for 3 days now on 7 year old diesel.

What does Howes diesel defender do?

Howes Diesel Defender cleans fuel injectors, prevents coking and all harmful deposits while adding up to 2.5 times the amount required lubricity to provide superior power and performance. Diesel Defender also protects your system by safely removing water and is guaranteed to increase fuel economy and save you money.