Is GlutaMAX soap good for face?

Is GlutaMAX soap good for face?

GlutaMAX Lightening and Anti-Aging Soap gently lightens uneven skin tone and discolorations while revitalizing and restoring the youthful vibrancy of your skin. Use GlutaMAX everyday to wash face and body.

Is GlutaMAX soap safe?

GlutaMAX formulated skin lightening soap for your personal cleaning and grooming. Ingredients are safe and gentle for skin without side effects. It cleans and lightens your skin very gently and sustains the softness as well.

Are Gluta soaps effective?

The results of this skin treatment are generally cumulative. Most people who wish to benefit from the skin-lightening effects of l-glutathione are advised to apply the soap, cream, or lotion daily for several weeks. Glutathione soap is believed to cause fewer harmful side effects than other skin lightening agents.

What is glutamax soap?

Glutamax lightening and Antiaging soap gently lightens uneven skin tone and discolorations while revitalizing and restoring the youthful vibrancy of your skin. With continued use skin becomes visibly lighter smoother and blemish free.

Who is the owner of glutamax?

Healthwell Nutraceutical, Inc.
MANILA, Philippines – Healthwell Nutraceutical, Inc., which owns the GlutaMAX brand, has launched three new whitening products that are expected to further increase the brand’s market share in its segment and hike the company’s sales by about 50 percent. Healthwell Nutraceutical, Inc.

What is GlutaMAX soap?

Is Kojie San soap effective?

BEVI’s Kojie-san has proven its efficacy in lightening the skin. Since it’s introduction to the market in 2006, KOjie-san has always been to true and honest to its promise — effective, safe and quality lightening products that contain high-grade kojic acid.

Does Glutathione soap have side effects?

4. Contains Anti-Oxidants And Other Skin Whitening Agents. 5. No Side Effects.

Can soap really whiten skin?

Soaps: Don’t expect too much “They are effective to a certain extent, but don’t expect too much. Since soaps are wash-off preparations they hardly stay on skin,” he said. Llego explained that soaps can work as lightening agents if they have exfoliants among their active ingredients.

Is Kojic good for face?

Potential benefits Kojic’s acid primary use — and benefit — is to lighten visible sun damage, age spots, or scars. This can result in an anti-aging effect on the skin. In addition to skin-lightening effects, kojic acid also contains some antimicrobial properties. This can help treat acne caused by bacteria in the skin.

Who is the owner of GlutaMAX?

For only P175, GlutaMAX soap is the first and only soap in the Philippines to harness the power of NanoWhite Technology—a safe, effective, and very powerful innovation in skin lightening.

How does glutathione soap work?

Glutathione soap lets the skin whiten through inhibition of melanin synthesis. It neutralizes antioxidants to prevent damages to the skin from free radicals. We now know what the basics of glutathione. It is a beneficial substance that works inside or on the outside surface of the body.

What is glutamax™ 350?

GlutaMax™ 350, GlutaMax™600 & GlutaMax™1.5 contains 350mg, 600mg and 1,500mg of glutathione. It also includes terpenes, along with our proprietary AP0-808™ probiotic strain and glutathione (the body’s most powerful anti-oxidant), which is the brains primary anti-oxidant.

What are the ingredients in glutamax?

Other ingredients that make GlutaMAX effective include Premium Glutathione (helps lighten and even out skin tone), Superox-C (helps achieve healthier looking skin), and BeeTox (helps remove wrinkles and age spots).