Is Genius Bar reliable?

Is Genius Bar reliable?

You can probably trust the average genius team (since the machine will be under the watch of many people while it is out of your possession). From a legal standpoint, you have agreed to the AppleCare Repair Service terms and conditions by signing your property and data over to Apple.

What happened to the Genius Bar?

The Genius Bar, once renowned for its tech support, has been largely replaced with staffers who roam the stores and are harder to track down. That’s a significant drawback because people are hanging on to their phones longer these days and need them repaired.

Do Apple Geniuses look at your photos?

To be very clear, it is against Apple’s rules to look at a customer’s photos without their permission. There may be some they unavoidably see, of course, such as those on your lock screen or desktop. But other than that, they would have to open your Photos app (or wherever you keep photos), and that is not allowed.

Are Genius Bar repairs free?

They offer personal support when customers have problems or questions relating to their Apple products. Most services carried out at the Genius Bar are free. Non-warranty service (which is paid for by the customer when repairs are complete) is also routinely performed.

Does Apple repair steal data?

As part of the refurbishment process, Apple erases and reformats all hard drives to help address any concerns about data security or identity theft. …

Does Genius Bar do repairs?

The Genius Bar is a great resource for getting help with your Apple hardware issues. For common repairs such as broken screens or dead batteries, you have a variety of repair options. The Genius Bar can help, but many users also choose to do DIY repairs or go to local shops.

How much do Apple geniuses make?

Apple Genius Salaries

Job Title Salary
Apple Apple Genius salaries – 905 salaries reported $25/hr
Apple Apple Genius salaries – 186 salaries reported $24/hr
Apple Apple Genius salaries – 5 salaries reported $23/hr
Apple Apple Genius salaries – 3 salaries reported $28/hr

Why are Apple workers called geniuses?

Anyone who frequents Apple retail stores knows they can always count on knowledgeable and sympathetic help from an employee. Instead, the Geniuses — as some employees of Apple Stores are famously called — work there because they are a select few who believe they are helping customers by selling them Macs, iPhones, etc.

Can Apple employees see your messages?

Contrary to public claims, Apple employees can read communications sent with its iMessage service, according to researchers who have reverse engineered it.

Do Apple employees get free phones?

No. Apple employees don’t get anything Apple free. They get a 25% discount on some purchases – like one Mac at 25% off.

How long does a Genius Bar appointment last?

Make an appointment. The Genius Bar gets very busy, so you’ll have to make an appointment ahead of time if you want to meet with a Genius without waiting for a long time. Genius Bar appointments for Mac products are 15 minutes each, while mobile appointments are 10 minutes.

Can Apple employees unlock your phone?

No, they won’t help. They will only ask you to restore your iPhone using iTunes to delete the passcode. This will also remove other user data on the iPhone, including photos, apps, contacts, etc. There is no way to remove a forgotten iPhone passcode without losing data.