Is Exmark pioneer commercial?

Is Exmark pioneer commercial?

There are two available models within Exmark’s Pioneer E-Series of commercial riding mowers. The company’s entry-level model features a 48-inch mower deck that can easily handle most professional and commercial jobs, and that mower comes with a Kawasaki FR615V engine rated at 726cc of displacement.

Is the Exmark engine any good?

“We also tested the engines against similar engines from other manufacturers. Multiple comparison tests were made in heavy grass using identical mowers fitted with competitive engines. In all cases, performance of the Exmark engines was equal to or better than the other engines tested.”

What is Exmarks series?

Exmark Radius X Series 60 Inch Features. Exmark features their UltraCut decks on Radius models from 48- to 60-inch cut widths. These UltraCut decks include maintenance-free, sealed-bearing spindle assemblies. This aids in durability, reducing downtime and cost of ownership.

How long do Exmark engines last?

The average life expectancy of one of these commercial grade engines is usually 3,500 hours with oil change intervals of 50 hours.

Are Exmark engines made in China?

LawnSite Member Loncin, they’re an old small engine manufacturer in China that started out licensing Honda scooter engines.

How much does a exmark radius S-series cost?

Exmark RadiusS-Series Starting at $7,099 MSRP and offering 48-, 52-, and 60-inch deck widths, the S-Series also utilizes ROPS, the height of cut system, and UltraCut deck technology found on the E-Series.

What kind of transmission does exexmark pioneer E series have?

Exmark Pioneer E-Series Mower Overview. The entry-level E-Series model features a hydrostatic transmission that charge pumps and integrated cooling fans and more, making the riding experience rather enjoyable overall. The mower can travel forward at up to 7 miles per hour, and in reverse at up to 4 miles per hour.

Why choose ExMark’s pioneer E-series spindles?

Unlike many competing models, Exmark has equipped its commercial-grade Pioneer E-Series with maintenance-free spindle that require no annual lubrication or regular maintenance. Again, this is a case of the company recognizing that time is money for the average professional buyer.

What kind of engine does ExMark use in their mowers?

There are two available models within Exmark’s Pioneer E-Series of commercial riding mowers. Both of these mowers come with Kawasaki v-twin engines, though they feature slightly different horsepower ratings based on the size of the mower and the reach of the mower deck.

What is a pioneer E-series lawn mower?

The Pioneer E-Series mower from Exmark is designed to be the perfect tool for professional landscapers and lawn care experts, many of whom need the right combination of commercial power and compact residential size.