Is Ephraim Wisconsin a dry town?

Is Ephraim Wisconsin a dry town?

The Door County village of Ephraim – the last dry municipality in the state of Wisconsin – is dry no more. The village of Ephraim has been dry since it was founded in 1853.

Who founded Ephraim?

Rev. Andreas Iverson
Ephraim was founded in 1853 by a group of Norwegian Moravians led by Rev. Andreas Iverson. After the town was established, immigrants from Europe came and settled in Ephraim. While these immigrants came from all over Europe, they primarily were from Norway, Sweden, and Germany/Prussia.

Why is Door County famous?

Known for its picturesque coastal towns, specialty shops, fish boils, cherry and apple orchards and scenic beauty, Door County, Wisconsin is often referred to as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest.” With the waters of Green Bay on one side and Lake Michigan on the other, the Door Peninsula offers spectacular waterfront views …

What businesses are open in Door County Wisconsin?


  • Algoma Pizza Bowl.

Can you drink in Ephraim WI?

Under the village’s zoning code ordinance, the sale, manufacturing or distribution of alcohol or fermented malt beverages is prohibited within Ephraim. People within the village also are prohibited from drinking a “fermented malt beverages or intoxicating liquor” in public.

How late can you buy alcohol in Door County?

Retail sale of alcohol State law prohibits retail sale of liquor and wine between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., and beer between midnight and 6:00 a.m. State law allows local municipalities to further restrict retail sales of alcohol, or ban the issuance of retail liquor licenses altogether.

How did Ephraim Wisconsin get its name?

Ephraim is a character in the Bible, the second son of Joseph, he of the coat of many colors. The name means “doubly fruitful.” You can see why religious pioneers would pick such a name for their new community, but why keep it for that community’s second site? It was February 1853 when Rev.

What is the zip code for Ephraim WI?

Ephraim/Zip codes

What food is Door County known for?

From sweet treats to savory bites, our top 10 Door County foods to try will get your grocery list started.

  • Pecan Rolls at Grandma’s Swedish Bakery.
  • Cherry Stuffed French Toast at White Gull Inn.
  • Corsica Bread at Door County Bakery.
  • Belgian Pie at Kermis Celebrations.
  • Cinnamon Raisin Bread at Scaturo’s.

Are there bears in Door County Wisconsin?

Black bears aren’t common in Door County, but it’s estimated there may be a dozen or so on the peninsula at any given time. Bear sightings on the peninsula are extremely rare, but wildlife experts estimate there could be anywhere from 10 to 20 in Door County at any given time.

What is Ephraim like to visit?

Ephraim is a photographer’s paradise, whether it’s the picture of Americana that is Wilson’s Ice Cream parlor, the sun setting behind Eagle Bluff, or the historic beauty of Anderson Dock. Get artsy, or just get the perfect selfie.

What is there to do in Ephraim Door County?

Ephraim has the most accessible shoreline of all the Door County communities. Explore Eagle Harbor from a Jet Ski, kayak or paddle board. Rent a family-size pontoon boat or enjoy the panoramic view of Ephraim and nearby Peninsula State Park on a sailboat.

What is the history of Ephraim?

The picturesque Village of Ephraim is nestled in the heart of the Door County Peninsula. Settled in 1853 by Norwegian Moravians on the tranquil shores of Eagle Harbor, Ephraim takes pride in its Scandinavian roots.

Why Ephraim for your northern door excursion?

In Ephraim, you’ll find history and stories behind every meal. Snug between Fish Creek and Sister Bay, Ephraim’s historic lodging facilities make it a perfect location for your Northern Door excursion. Romantic inns, suites, and hotels line the shore, offering amazing water views and sunset strolls.