Is ek villain worth watching?

Is ek villain worth watching?

In terms of entertainment value, this film will not disappoint you. The photography is brilliant, the cast is excellent and the songs are well choreographed and melodious. Sidharth Malhotra, Riteish Deshmukh and Shobha Kapoor put in good performances.

Was ek villain a hit?

It was released worldwide on 27 June 2014 and received positive reviews from critics, garnering praise for the theme, direction, screenplay and performances. Made on a budget of ₹390 million, the film became a major box-office success with earnings of over ₹1 billion domestically and a worldwide gross of ₹1.7 billion.

Is Aisha dead in ek villain?

A pregnant Aisha is killed by mysterious masked man while she is on a call with her husband Guru.At Aisha’s funeral CBI officer Aditya says that its priority to catch her killer or else Guru will be on spree and will turn the city into graveyard.

Is ek villain copied?

The popular 2014 action thriller Ek Villain is a remake of the movie I Saw The Devil. Ek Villain featured Shraddha Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra in the lead roles. The story of both films is almost the same with a man trying to take revenge from a serial killer for the murder of his fiancee.

Was Brothers a hit or flop?


First Week: 64,34,00,000
Budget: 1,12,00,00,000
India Gross: 97,29,00,000
Overseas Gross: $3,970,000
Worldwide Gross: 1,23,09,50,000

Was Aisha pregnant in ek villain?

He tries every means to save her, she receives treatment in Mumbai and miraculously recovers. Few days later she discovers she is pregnant but conceals the fact from her husband, Guru. While at the hospital, Guru finds out that Aisha was pregnant which makes him even more angry.

Is Marjaavaan hit or flop?

The movie got mixed reviews from critics. Marjaavaan had not a good record at the box office, the film earned 47.78 Crores against the budget of 38 Crores….Marjaavaan Hit or Flop.

Budget ₹ 38 Cr
Domestic Nett ₹ 47.82 Cr
Domestic Gross ₹ 56.96 Cr
Overseas Collection (Gross) ₹ 8.46 Cr
Worldwide Gross ₹ 65.71 Cr

Was Aisha pregnant in Ek Villain?

Is Shershaah hit or flop?

According to media reports, the total budget of the film was ₹ 55 Crore. According to media reports, Shershaah is going to be a superhit film on the OTT platform. Thus the total collection by the film is around 136 crores and the film is Superhit.

Did Grace sleep with Tommy?

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Who is Rakesh in ek villain?

Riteish Deshmukh
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