Is Ecole Polytechnique prestigious?

Is Ecole Polytechnique prestigious?

The École Polytechnique (French: l’École polytechnique, commonly known as la Polytechnique or l’X [liks]) is one of the most prestigious and selective grandes écoles in France. The school is a constituent member of the Polytechnic Institute of Paris.

What is Ecole Polytechnique known for?

Founded in 1794, École Polytechnique is France’s leading institution of excellence in Science and Technology, with a rich history spanning over 225 years. École Polytechnique has a wide array of academic programs to offer students from undergraduate studies to executive education.

Is Ecole Polytechnique free?

École Polytechnique offers tuition fee waivers based on students’ financial needs. Tuition fee waivers are reserved for students who are admitted with honors and range from €1,000 to €11,000/€14,100 (depending on your personal tuition fees).

Is it hard to get into École Polytechnique?

It’s definitely not easy. Especially the math courses. French are known for their math skills, and that is for a reason. Before joining École Polytechnique (or any other engineering school in France) students undergo a very tough and intensive 2-year preparation course (called ‘prépa’) for the admission exams.

Is Ecole Polytechnique good for international students?

Very good, no problem about that. The Concours d’admission | Ecole polytechnique is the only real way to enter the school. If you can do it, good for you. But if you go as an international student you will not be treated like one of them, because you did not enter by the Concours d’Admission which is not easy at all.

How difficult is Ecole Polytechnique?

Through the classic entrance exams it’s very, very hard.

Why is Ecole Polytechnique called L X?

The letter “X” has been another name for École Polytechnique since the mid-19th century, originating from the crossed can- nons in its insignia. It is also said that the X is a symbol for the school’s scientific ed- ucation, stemming from the ubiquitous x variable used in scientific and mathematic equations.

Does Ecole Polytechnique teach in English?

This highly selective and multidisciplinary program is taught entirely in English.