Is EBC brakes a good brand?

Is EBC brakes a good brand?

EBC has built a strong reputation for high performance brakes for racing and street use and I can vouch for their performance myself now. Will buy again and I recommend them to anyone who wants easy-to-install brakes that perform better than the original brakes that came with their car.

Are EBC brakes made in China?

EBC Brakes are made in one of its two specialist factories in the UK and USA. The majority of EBC brake discs or brake rotors are also made in the UK.

Do EBC brake pads squeal?

IIRC some EBC pads do dust like crazy, and are known to squeak/squeal due to the pad material. Just the nature of aggressive, high-performance pads.

Are EBC yellow pads noisy?

I replaced my stock brake pads recently with some ebc yellow stuff pads which from what I heard are damn good pads. They definitely bite harder than the stock ones but now they’ve been on the car for about a week and they’re LOUD. I sound like a semi at every stop light.

How long do EBC rotors last?

Typically, brake rotors last between 30,000–70,000 miles. But you should bring your car to a licensed mechanic for regular brake inspections and pay attention to your vehicle to know when you might be due for brake service.

What brakes are made in the USA?

Only imported brake rotors are now manufactured in the United States. Wagner, Bendix, Centric, Delco, Motorcraft, or Raybestos may be familiar names to you. These products are now made in China or Taiwan. Foundries and factories in the United States have been used to produce aftermarket parts.

Who makes brake pads in USA?

Akebono is the most popular Original Equipment Manufacturers’ brake pad brand in North America and is proudly made in the USA.

What are EBC brakes made of?

All EBC rotors are British made and precision machined in the UK. Made from high-quality gray iron, all of their products have gone through extensive testing and their rigorous quality control ensures a quality product time after time.

Do EBC brake pads need shims?

Shims are applied to your pad set and can be re-used at pad change unless damaged.

Are EBC yellow stuff pads good?

The Bluestuff and Yellowstuff pads work very well from cold. They give a good pedal feel and there is very little noise from either set. Once up to a decent temperature, the pads give a reassuring bite without being aggressive. The grooves in the discs help with cooling and the dust is about average.

Can EBC rotors be turned?

EBC sport grooved rotors can be turned with good results on standard AAMCO brake lathes. If too badly scored or worn some rotors will have to be replaced. New pads will always be needed.