Is DownTek real feathers?

Is DownTek real feathers?

But down is the soft, fluffy thermal insulation found under the feathers and on the belly of the bird. While feathers have quills and are two-dimensional, down clusters have a distinct 3D structure along with tiny filaments that trap warm air. Down is a by-product of the meat industry.

Is DownTek real down?

DownTek fulfills the Responsible Down Standards and is considered sustainably sourced. Although it is treated down, no weight is added to the insulation, and it maintains the ability to compact substantially (Thank you nanoparticles).

What is Llbean DownTek?

Down is light, lofty and warm – until it gets wet when cold and clumping sets in. DownTek water-repellent down solves the problem. Down clusters are treated to repel water to maintain insulating power, keeping you warmer and drier, longer.

What is water repellent down?

Water-resistant down is simply down insulation treated with a water-resistant coating at a molecular level. Before the down is packed into the baffles of a jacket or sleeping bag, each feather is treated with a special nanomolecular coating that allows the feather to resist moisture (also called a hydrophobic coating).

Can down get wet?

Down is remarkably tough stuff and though wet down has virtually zero insulation properties, getting it wet doesn’t hurt it in the least. Washing a down jacket is not much harder than washing a pair of jeans. If you’re looking to ruin your jacket or sleeping bag, washing it incorrectly is an easy way to do it.

Which is warmer down or PrimaLoft?

In most situations, down insulation will be your best bet. It’s warmer, lighter, more compactable, and will last longer than any synthetic insulation coat. If it rains a lot where you are adventuring, however, PrimaLoft is the insulation for you.

Is polyester filling as warm as down?

Typically made of polyester, synthetic fill is quick-drying and insulates even if wet (something down struggles to do). It’s also less expensive than down insulation, and is durable and hypoallergenic.

Where are Coleman sleeping bags made?

Coleman Company’s new headquarters are in Chicago, and it has facilities in Wichita, Kansas and in Texas. There are approximately 4,000 employees. Some of the products manufactured are portable stoves, lanterns, coolers, sleeping bags, camp chairs, and shelters….Coleman (brand)

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Is waterproof the same as water-repellent?

Essentially, water resistant and waterproof designate the degree to which rain is kept from getting through a jacket, while water repellent refers to an extra coating that improves any rain jacket’s performance (waterproof, included).

Is water-repellent better than waterproof?

WATER-REPELLENT CLOTHING. As water-repellent materials usually do not contain any kind of membrane of compact coating, the so called breathability of these materials is in most cases better than the one in waterproof materials.

What is downdowntek™?

DownTek™ is down that has been treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellency) and renders the down hydrophobic. DownTek™ is currently available in either it’s original C6 formula, or the PFC-Free™ formula. How does it work?

What is down Decor’s water repellant technology?

Using nano technology and a proprietary application process, Down Decor has created a water repellant down filling material that effectively eliminates all of the previous negative attributes associated with down. Testimonials FAQs Contact Us The New Standard

Can downtek™ be tested in the rain?

As of yet there is no test available that can predict the length of time the down can retain it’s loft and insulating power in a real-life application like a sleeping bag or jacket, which is likely to have exposure to moisture in the form of rain or snow. Is DownTek™ safe for the environment?

Does downtek contain PFC’s?

The EPA has researched C6 short-chain PFCs and found they generally have a half-life of less than 15 minutes, so they do not persist in the environment like the long-chain C8 PFCs. DownTek is PFOA and PFOS-free. DownTek PFC-Free™ Water Repellent Down uses a bluesign approved chemistry that contains no PFC’s.