Is Coleridge cottage open?

Is Coleridge cottage open?

Important notice – Coleridge Cottage is now closed until March 2022. Please see our opening times for further information.

Did Coleridge live in Nether Stowey?

Coleridge Cottage is a cottage situated in Nether Stowey, Bridgwater, Somerset, England. In 1797 the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge rented the cottage. While he lived there he wrote many of his better known works. He was visited by William Wordsworth and other early members of the Romantic movement.

Where did Coleridge live?

Ottery Saint Mary
Samuel Taylor Coleridge/Places lived

Is Dunster Castle open all year?

Dunster Castle is open daily from 18 Dec 2021 – 2 Jan 2022. Please note that there may be limited parking due to adverse weather conditions, additional parking is available in Dunster Steep car park (not NT).

What did Taylor and Coleridge publish together?

In 1798 the two men collaborated on a joint volume of poetry entitled Lyrical Ballads. The collection is considered the first great work of the Romantic school of poetry and contains Coleridge’s famous poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

What did Coleridge father do for living?

Coleridge’s father was vicar of Ottery and headmaster of the local grammar school. As a child Coleridge was already a prodigious reader, and he immersed himself to the point of morbid fascination in romances and Eastern tales such as The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments.

What was Coleridge known for?

Coleridge is arguably best known for his longer poems, particularly The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Christabel.

How much does Dunster Castle cost?


Gift Aid Standard
Adult £14.30 £13.00
Child £7.20 £6.50
Family £35.80 £32.50
1 adult, up to 3 children £21.50 £19.50

Does anyone live in Dunster Castle?

The castle and surrounding lands were sold off to a property firm, the family continuing to live in the castle as tenants. The Luttrells bought back the castle in 1954, but in 1976 Colonel Walter Luttrell gave Dunster Castle and most of its contents to the National Trust, which operates it as a tourist attraction.

Who was Coleridge best friend?

His time at Christ’s Hospital School led to his abiding friendship with Charles Lamb. Of all Coleridge’s friends Lamb was the most devoted and constant (although even he felt irked by some of Coleridge’s unthinking criticism of his poetic style).

Who tormented Coleridge?

At the age of seven, Coleridge ran away from home after an argument with his older brother Frank that provoked his mother to punish him.