Is CGP GREY credible?

Is CGP GREY credible?

He is a knowledgeable, smart, thorough and thoughtful person, so even in casual conversation, he is to be considered very credible. He is… Some random facts about him off the top of my head: * He’s from New York state.

Has CGP GREY shown his face?

CGP Grey Channel While nearly all of Grey’s videos feature his voice, his face has never been shown in his videos, and Grey almost always has his face obscured when appearing in other people’s videos; he generally uses a stick figure with glasses to represent himself. Videos are released on the channel and via RSS.

What does CGP Gray stand for?


Does CGP GREY live in the UK?

First video CGP Grey is an Irish-American YouTuber based in London, England. He uploads animated, educational videos about technology, geography, history, and science.

What does CGP stand for?


Acronym Definition
CGP Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (pharmacist certification)
CGP Certified Group Psychotherapist
CGP Conseillers en Gestion de Patrimoine (French asset management company)
CGP Community Grant Program (various locations)

What happened Hello Internet?

Hello Internet is an audio podcast hosted by educational YouTube content creators Brady Haran and CGP Grey. The podcast debuted in 2014 and released 136 numbered episodes and 18 unnumbered episodes until February 2020, when the last episode was published. The podcast is currently indefinitely suspended and inactive.

What happened to Hello Internet podcast?

How does CGP GREY make videos?

He doesn’t really animate. He uses Inkscape- a free software- to draw his stick figures and such, though said program is not designed for animation. He’s mentioned it a few times, but he and podcaster Myke Hurley talk about it in an episode of Cortex.

What is the full name of CGP?

CGP Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Certified Guitar Player Job Title CGP
Chittagong Airport Code CGP
Certified Green Professional Certifications CGP
Certification In Geriatric Pharmacy Certifications CGP

Where was CGP GREY born?

New York, NYCGP Grey / Place of birth

How old is Colin grey?

Colin Gregory Palmer Grey was born in 1989 in New York, United States. It makes him currently 30 years old. He holds dual American and Irish citizenship and belongs to white ethnicity. Speaking of academic qualification, Grey earned two college degrees: Sociology and Physics. Later then, he switched to London to become a computer teacher.

Who is CGP Grey?

He uploads animated, educational videos about technology, geography, history, and science. He has a vlog channel, CGPGrey2, and a gaming channel, CGP Play . CGP Grey joined YouTube in August 2010 and uploaded his first video on October 6, 2010.

Who is Tom Grey and what did he do?

In addition to video production, Grey is known for creating the audio podcast Hello Internet in 2014 with fellow educational YouTuber Brady Haran. Since 2015, he has also hosted the audio podcast Cortex with Myke Hurley, the co-founder of the Relay FM podcast network. Grey grew up in the Long Island suburbs of New York City.

How old is CGPGrey2?

CGP Grey is an American-Irish educational YouTuber and podcaster who has been posting on YouTube under the channel name since 12 August 2010. Grey also posts videos on his secondary channel, CGPGrey2, and livestreams gameplay on another channel, CGP Play.