Is Axton good Borderlands 2?

Is Axton good Borderlands 2?

He’s one of the most well balanced characters in the game and one of the easiest to learn. He’s very good at survival and he’s got decent damage potential. He’s good both at the beginning and at endgame. Some say he’s one of the easiest to clear Digistruct Peak with.

Who is the most broken character in Borderlands 2?

Krieg’s Bloodsplosion skill is probably the most broken skill in Borderlands 2 (but in a good way). Whenever you kill an enemy, they will immediately explode.

What is the new max level in Borderlands 2?

It also seems to be a free DLC, so it’s a nice bonus for “Borderlands” players. For returning players, the level cap will be increased to 80 with the DLC, and new players can get boosted to level 30 automatically to enjoy the new content.

Will Gaige be in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands fans will recognise Gaige from Borderlands 2. Gaige was added to the game post-launch and is the fifth playable class; Mechromancer.

What are the best weapons in Borderlands 2?

The weapon types in Borderlands 2 are: Sniper Rifles. Rocket Launchers. Pistols. Sub Machine Guns. Shotguns. Combat Rifles. Shields. Grenades.

What is the max level on Borderlands 2?

The max level in the Borderlands 2 base game is 50, giving you 45 skill points to spend. Gearbox actually has a character planner on their website (which can be found here) that should help you pick out your skills.

What are the classes in Borderlands 2?

The classes for Borderlands 2 are all-new, though many share similarities with the playable classes of the first Borderlands. Lilith, Brick, Mordecai and Roland, the playable characters from the original game still appear in Borderlands 2, but as non-playable characters that show up for story missions and some side missions.

Are there Eridian weapons in Borderlands 2?

Eridian is no longer a Weapons Manufacturer in Borderlands. Rather you can find similar weapons in Borderlands 2 created by the E-Tech. Relics have a wide range of abilities. Increase Max Health. Increase Gun Damage of a particular gun type. Increase Gun Damage of a particular manufacturer. Increase Cooldown rate. Increase Resistance to Damage.