Is autoglym LifeShine worth having?

Is autoglym LifeShine worth having?

Might be worth it for some people to get the inside covered but as far as the outside goes it’s a waste of money unless the paintwork is prepared properly as the coating won’t stick and in a few months will be totally useless .

How do I know if LifeShine has been applied?

LifeShine is designed to leave an invisible layer of protection over your exterior paintwork, exterior glass and upholstery. However the best indication that LifeShine has been applied is that you should see water beading on the paintwork, especially after it has been cleaned.

What paint protection does Audi use?

The Audi is a rising star of the car world, and ceramic coatings are the latest and greatest in paint protection technology. Utilizing advanced nanotechnology, a ceramic coating will fill in the imperceptible gaps in your car’s paint to offer protection you can’t find anywhere else.

Can I apply autoglym LifeShine myself?

Yes you are free to use any of the Autoglym range of products. Our best advice is to use the Autoglym products provided in the aftercare bag as these have been extensively tested with the LifeShine treatment.

What is LifeShine warranty?

With the LifeShine system, you’ll also receive a lifetime guarantee. Subject to reasonable ongoing care, your vehicle will remain in top condition, but the comprehensive guarantee* provides complete peace of mind for as long as you own the vehicle.

What is LifeShine on a car?

LifeShine is the complete vehicle protection system that is professionally applied at the dealership to your car’s paintwork, upholstery and glass. It offers you peace of mind by protecting your car from the day you take delivery for the lifetime of ownership, guaranteed.

What is LifeShine guarantee?

How long does LifeShine last?

– 5 years of protection.

Does Audi care cover brakes?

The Audi Care prepaid maintenance package does indeed cover certain brake-related services during the scheduled maintenance intervals at 15k, 25k, 35k, and 45k miles. Audi Care is a wise investment to go along with your new Audi purchase, and it covers much more than just brake service.

Does LifeShine protect against stone chips?

Malicious or accidental damage including fire, floodwater, stone chips and other such material and extreme weather conditions and their secondary effects. Any areas repaired or replaced through accident damage and not retreated with LifeShine by an authorised dealer.

What is a LifeShine certificate?

LifeShine Interior Protectant. Any permanent stains to treated fabric or leather (including genuine, faux and alcantara) seating as a result of spills from water, coffee, soft drinks, milk or any similar non-corrosive liquids, where the spillage has been removed immediately.