Is Audio Technica expensive?

Is Audio Technica expensive?

Cost: $1,200 Kicking off the list at $1,200 are the Audio-Technica ATH-W5000’s. For $1,200 bucks, you get a pair of high-quality headphones, with the exception of audio quality and stylish aesthetics.

Is M20x good for mixing?

Audio-Technica ATH- M20x When purchasing the best headphones, studio ones are always the better choice for mixing. Why We Liked It – They are some of the most comfortable pairs of mixing headphones that you can find. These headphones also have some great sound isolation.

What are the highest end headphones?

Top 10 Most Expensive Headphones In The World: The Best Sound Quality For The Highest Price

  • #7 Beyerdynamic T1 ($1,399)
  • #6 Sennheiser HD800 ($1,500)
  • #5 Grado PS1000 ($1,695)
  • #4 Audeze LCD-3 ($1,945)
  • #3 Stax SR-009 ($4,450)
  • #2 Ultrasone Edition 5 ($4,999)
  • #1 Abyss AB-1266 ($5,495)

What is the difference between Audio Technica M50 and ath-m35?

Like the M50, this model has a thick single cord that terminates in a heavy-duty, reinforced plug. The padded earcups swivel on only one axis (the M50 swivels on two), and the headphones don’t fold flat for storage. Audio-Technica also makes the ATH-M35, which retails for around the same price.

Are Audio Technica headphones worth the money?

The Good The Audio-Technica ATH-M30 headphones offer good build quality and detailed, natural sound with good bass. They’re also very comfortable and a bargain at around $60.

What’s the bad about the Ath ath-m35?

The Bad There’s no integrated microphone for making cell phone calls; the extra-long cord makes the headphones less suitable for mobile use; don’t fold-up like the ATH-M35; and the cord isn’t detachable.

Should you buy the ath-m30 or the tha-m50?

The ATH-M30, which retails for around $60 online, isn’t as ruggedly built as the step up ATH-M50, nor does it sound as good. But hey, it’s only $60, and at that price point, you’re not going to do much better.