Is April 9th based on a true story?

Is April 9th based on a true story?

On April 9, 1940 Germany invaded Denmark. Based on real events – in Southern Jutland a military unit on bicycles was sent south to help hold back the Germans until reinforcement.

Is April 9th a good movie?

Reception. The film received mixed, but generally favorable reviews from Danish critics, with Berlingske and Ekko giving it 5 out of 6 stars, while others gave it between 2-5 out of 6 stars.

What happened April 9th?

This Day in History: April 9 Baghdad fell to U.S.-led forces on this day in 2003, several weeks after the start of the Iraq War, a conflict begun to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein because of his supposed possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Is the movie April 9th in English?

9. April/Languages

What Zodiac is April 9th?

Feisty and opinionated, an Aries born on April 9 sees life as a series of missions. More pragmatic than idealistic, these people enjoy the act of striving almost as much as the victories their efforts bring. These intrepid individuals are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

What movies came out on April 9?

Friday, April 9

  • 108 mins. Voyagers.
  • 93 mins. Held.
  • 93 mins. Held.
  • The Tunnel. A tank truck crashes in a tunnel in the ice-cold Norwegian mountains, brutally trapping families, teenagers and tourists on their way home for Christmas.
  • My True Fairytale.
  • My True Fairytale.
  • Thunder Force.
  • The Last Right.

What happened April 9th 2015?

An Afghan soldier killed one American counterpart and wounded two others on Wednesday. The killer opened fire on a group of U.S. troops after a meeting between a U.S. embassy official and Afghan provincial leaders in Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan. American troops returned fire, killing the Afghan soldier.

Is April 9th a unicorn day?

National Unicorn Day on April 9th each year celebrates the mythical horse-like creature with a single, pointed horn growing from the center of its forehead. Unicorns have been a popular mythical creature since Ancient Greek times when people believed they lived in exotic India.

Can Aries marry Aries?

Aries and Aries relationship can be a powerful one as they will be able to build an empire together and take on the world when they are with each other.

What is the movie April 9th about?

April 9th ( Danish: 9. april) is a 2015 Danish war film directed by Roni Ezra, and starring Pilou Asbæk and Lars Mikkelsen. The film depicts the German invasion of Denmark which commenced on 9 April 1940 and follows a Danish bicycle infantry company sent as a vanguard to slow down the German advance until reinforcements can arrive.

When is Easter 2015 in the UK?

April 2015 Calendar April 1 April Fool’s Day April 3 Good Friday April 5 Easter April 6 Easter Monday April 22 Earth Day

What happened on the night of 9 April 1940?

During the night of 9 April 1940, the Danish army is alerted that the German army has crossed the border, and Denmark is now at war with Europe’s strongest army.