Is a Lotus Elan reliable?

Is a Lotus Elan reliable?

Elans can be reliable if well maintained, and have even been known to clock up 750,000 miles, but not all have been so well cared for. Beware neglected cars, and sought-after models built up from parts – check the history and specification carefully.

What engine was in the Lotus Elan?

Lotus Elan 1500, 1600, S2, S3, S4, Sprint
Engine 1,498 cc later 1,558 cc Lotus TwinCam I4 (petrol)
Transmission 4-speed manual (all synchromesh)

What is Lotus 26R?

The Lotus Elan 26R was the racing car that the standard Lotus Elan struggled to be. Breaking moulds and pushing the ability of racing cars the Lotus Elan 26R was a vision of speed and performance, so much so Lotus lost vast amounts of money in making the 26R.

What type of suspension does a Lotus Elan have?

The standard rear suspension on a Lotus Elan is fully independent and utilises a Chapman strut (derived from the McPherson strut) with internal shock absorber plus coil spring. The Chapman strut is installed into an alloy housing that also incorporates the wheel bearings and outboard drive shaft.

How good is the Elan chassis design?

The Elan chassis is a wonderful design. Even a wonderful design can be improved with 50 years of usage. A 12 gauge panel welded to the underside of the front cross-member, where the jack is usually – and erroneously – placed when lifting the front of the car.

When did the Lotus Elan +2 come out?

The Lotus Elan +2 was launched in 1967, penned by Ron Hickman for the storied Colin Chapman. One of the best kept classic motoring secrets, today the Elan +2 is coveted for its styling, build quality and out and out driver appeal.

What is the expected service life of a Lotus Elan differential?

The expected service life of rubber drive shaft couplings under normal driving conditions is 5 to 6 years. Period servicing information and overhauls of the Lotus Elan differential indicates that the rubber couplings may reduce the shock load transmitted from the road wheel to the differential.