How to write an essay paper

An essay is a small paperwork that is written to express your opinion on a problem. The opinion of the author should be supported by arguments and facts. Before you begin work on an essay, you need to get acquainted with the features of this type of work.

Essay Features

  1. The essay is missing the plot line. You can cite numerous examples from science, literature and life, but all these facts and examples are just a justification of your opinion.
  2. The free form of presentation. The form of the essay is not regulated in any way, as this is a creative work. You can paint the same thought from different angles, and this does not contradict this type of work. Express yourself, arguing your point of view and summarize all of the above.
  3. The main limitation that an essay has is volume, although there are also no clear boundaries here.
  4. The basis of your reasoning is any problem or question.
  5. The author expresses his subjective opinion, with which you can agree or not. As a rule, no opinion will be considered completely true, despite how many arguments and arguments it has.
  6. In the essay, the author as if talks to the reader, he explains his thoughts to him, asks questions, which he then answers, raises the most pressing questions.
  7. The language of the essay is emotional and imaginative. The brighter the narrative style, the more interesting it is to read the work.

Useful characteristics

For the style of the essay are characteristic:

  • imagery;
  • aphoristic;
  • use of numerous means artistic expressiveness;
  • the use of allegorical and parable images;
  • characters, comparisons.

An essay will look richer and more interesting if it is present:

  • unpredictable conclusions;
  • unexpected turns;
  • interesting logical connections.

General rules for writing an essay

The peculiarity of this genre is the complete freedom to build the structure and expression of thoughts. The only clear rule is that it is necessary to express unequivocally on a given topic, which acts as a headline.

The most commonly recommended structure is:

  • introduction;
  • thesis argument;
  • conclusion.

There can be as many abstracts and arguments as the author need to disclose the topic and the maximum amount of text allows for it. However, it is a recommended, but not mandatory structure. It can be arbitrary. It is allowed to present the conclusion as a thesis at the beginning, and in the text itself to argue it. Or you can put forward a thesis, which is refuted in the course of the essay, and the conclusion is made completely opposite to the original thesis. It is also permissible to present several theses and arguments, and then draw a conclusion. Any other way of presenting thoughts is possible. With examples of essays, you can always get acquainted on paper writing service .

Also, note that the reader usually has a general idea of ​​the subject of the essay, so there is no need to disclose specific terms and explain complex nuances. You just need to speak on a given topic.

Writing an essay is easy, and sometimes even pleasant, because there is a fair amount of creativity in it. If you study the principles of preparation of the text of this genre, carefully read the finished material for errors and misprints, approach the process of preparation with responsibility, then the result is more likely to be positive.