How poor is Ashtabula Ohio?

How poor is Ashtabula Ohio?

The poverty rate in Ashtabula is 33.7%. One out of every 3 residents of Ashtabula lives in poverty.

What county is Ashtabula City Ohio in?

Ashtabula County

Is Ashtabula County the largest county in Ohio?

The largest county by area is Ashtabula County at 702.44 sq mi (1,819.3 km2), and its neighbor, Lake County, is the smallest at 228.21 sq mi (591.1 km2). The total area of the state is 40,860.69 sq mi (105,828.7 km2).

How did Ashtabula become a city?

Even in the free state of Ohio, they were at risk of being captured by slavecatchers. Beginning in the late 19th century, the city became a major coal port on Lake Erie at the mouth of the Ashtabula River northeast of Cleveland….

Ashtabula, Ohio

What is the county seat of Ashtabula County?

Ashtabula County/County seat
Ashtabula County is the northeasternmost county in the state of Ohio with a population of 96,634 (Claritas, 2021). The county seat is Jefferson. Ashtabula County comprises the Ashtabula, OH Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the Cleveland–Akron–Canton, OH Combined Statistical Area.

What does the name Ashtabula mean?

river of many fish
Ashtabula, city, Ashtabula county, northeastern Ohio, U.S. It lies along Lake Erie, at the mouth of the Ashtabula River, about 54 miles (87 km) northeast of Cleveland. The site was settled in 1801; its name, of Algonquian origin, possibly means “river of many fish” and was applied to the township (1808).

What does the word Ashtabula mean?

always enough fish
The name Ashtabula is derived from ashtepihəle, which means ‘always enough fish to be shared around’ in the Lenape language. The city became an important destination on the Underground Railroad in the middle 19th century, as refugee slaves could take ships to Canada and freedom.

What percentage of Ohio is rural?

About three fourths of its 11,353,140 population (2000 Census) is classified as urban, while 26% of its population is classified as rural. All minority groups comprise 16% of the total population, with the African American population representing 11.5%.

Is Ashtabula Ohio Rural?

Ashtabula County is overwhelmingly rural, but most residents earn their livings by working in manufacturing, sales, or service positions. Many people work in the shipping industry, transferring coal, iron ore, and steel across the Great Lakes.

Where can I find a map of Ashtabula County?

This map of Ashtabula County is provided by Google Maps, whose primary purpose is to provide local street maps rather than a planetary view of the Earth. Within the context of local street searches, angles and compass directions are very important, as well as ensuring that distances in all directions are shown at the same scale.

How to look at Ashtabula County Ohio from different perspectives?

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What is Ashtabula Ohio known for?

A major location on the Underground Railroad in the middle 19th century, the city today is a major coal port on Lake Erie at the mouth of the Ashtabula River northeast of Cleveland. The name Ashtabula means “river of many fish” in the Iroquois language.