How old is Harune Aira?

How old is Harune Aira?

Aira Harune
Age (Aurora Dream) 14-15
Birthday September 3, 1997
Astrological Sign Virgo
Hometown Yokohama, Japan

How old is Aira in Pretty Rhythm?

18 years old
Her catchphrase is “Happy, lucky!” In Dear My Future, Aira is 18 years old and a third-year high school student. At the end of Dear My Future, she becomes a designer for Prism Stone.

What happened to pretty rhythm?

After Pretty Rhythm ended support in July 2014, it was replaced by the series’ successor, PriPara. PriPara was first launched in arcades on July 10, 2014. The franchise introduced PriPara character Laala Manaka through Pretty Rhythm: All Star Selection.

What genre is pretty rhythm?

Rhythm, dress-up
Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream

プリティーリズムオーロラドリーム (Puritī Rizumu Ōrora Dorīmu)
Developer Syn Sophia
Publisher Takara Tomy
Genre Rhythm, dress-up
Platform Arcade

What order should I watch King of Prism?

King of Prism debuted as a film series in 2016, with the first film, King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm releasing in January 9, 2016. It was then followed by King of Prism: Pride the Hero in 2017, King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars in 2019, and King of Prism All Stars: Prism Show Best 10 in 2020.

How many seasons does pretty rhythm have?

Pretty Rhythm has three seasons overall; Aurora Dream, Dear My Future, and Rainbow Live.

How many episodes are in King of Prism?

The television version aired weekly on TV Tokyo at 1:35 AM beginning from April 15 to July 1, 2019, with all four films split into 12 episodes. Crunchyroll licensed the show for English distribution. The ending theme of the television version features cover versions of TRF’s most popular songs from each character. No.

In what order should I watch King of Prism?

Is King of Prism a game?

King of Prism is a Japanese media franchise produced by Avex Pictures and Tatsunoko Production….

King of Prism
Video game(s) King of Prism: Prism Rush! Live

Who is Aira in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream?

Aira Harune is the main protagonist of the anime Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. A friendly girl who loves fashion and is known for being clumsy. She was roped into performing alongside Rizumu Amamiya after Jun witnessed her jump to avoid running into her.

Who is Aira in Pretty Top?

Aira is junior high school girl who was scouted by Pretty Top’s manager, Takigawa Jun, to debut as a Prism Star and is the main protagonist of the series. She is not very good at sports and is definitely clumsy; but she becomes a different person when it comes to fashion.

Are Itsuki and Aira a couple in Pretty Rhythm?

In Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future, Aira and Itsuki hung out together and did things that only couples would do such as share an ice-cream, implying that they are very close. Even Reina mistook them as a couple. Uru and Eru are Aira’s younger twin sisters.

Is Aira in love with Shou?

Aira became one of the very first people to ever jump the true form of the legendary Prism Jump, Aurora Rising, and also became Prism Queen two different years. Her love interest is Shou, lead singer for the popular boy band, Callings .