How often do Neopets shops restock?

How often do Neopets shops restock?

Restock times are now random, like I said before, and they may or may not happen about every eight minutes. It’s pure chance. So, good luck with your own quest for restocking; try to have a little patience while you wait for those precious items to appear!

How can I get Petpets?

A Pet for Your Pet You can buy your pet a Petpet at one of the many Petpet shops around Neopia; they are also sometimes given away as event prizes, or from dailies such as the Meteor Crash Site and Fruit Machine.

What is restocking on Neopets?

Restocking, also abbreviated to RSing, is the term for the refilling of official Neopian shops, and also the term for buying things in these restocks. Waiting for restocks, and purchasing the items before other users can be a great way to earn Neopoints.

How do I remove petpet from Neopet?

To do this click on your pets name in the yellow side bar (or click on Quick Ref). When this page loads click on the petpet you wish to remove. A new page will now appear, at the bottom there is a button that says ‘Stop playing with petpet’. Click this and the petpet will now be returned to your items.

How often does Kauvara’s Magic Shop restock?

Refresh often! This is probably the thing that will most improve your success rate in Kauvara’s. Since profitable items go so quickly, it is wise to refresh fairly often. I usually refresh once every 3-4 seconds.

What is Neopets restocking and how does it work?

Neopets Restocking is when you buy items from the Neopian Shops for a specific price, then you go price it for the price you want, that is usually of a higher value in your shop. Neopets Restocking can also work through auction house or the trading post.

How do I find the best Neopets shops to visit?

To begin, you should take a look at our Neopian Shops Directory. Any shops where you feel some familiarity with the inventory being sold are great places to start. To get an idea of what items to buy, our Neopets Item Database is very useful!

How do you haggle on Neopets?

First, you have to click on the item you want to buy; then, a pop-up box will appear and ask if you’re sure you want to buy the item (disabling JavaScript would stop the pop-up box and save time, but is a freezable offense on Neopets). When you click yes, you’ll be taken to a page where you can haggle with the shop owner.

Where can I find restockers in Neopia?

If you are still stumped, the Pharmacy, Chocolate Factory and Book Shop are all decent choices for beginners. There aren’t any perfect places to practice, because there are always other restockers just like you at every shop in Neopia. You just need practice and patience to get better and get the good items before they do!