How much is the delivery charge for Yellow Cab?

How much is the delivery charge for Yellow Cab?

A standard delivery charge of Php 50 is required to redeem the free item.

How big is the pizza in Yellow Cab?

Choose from our 12” Medium, 15” Large, and 18” XLarge pizzas for your Classic and Signature favorites, or you can try our Legendary flavors: bestselling New York’s Finest, and jam-packed Four Seasons in Original or All Meat.

Can I use Sodexo for Yellow Cab delivery?

A yellow cab pizza is always a good catch! Catch all the good stuff at Yellow Cab with your friends and Sodexo Premium Pass! offers already the BEST price online vs other online sites where you can buy Sodexo Premium Pass or an SM Gift Pass! You can buy a minimum of P2,000 and delivery is FREE!

Does Yellow Cab accept Gcash?

Just GCASH it! Fuel up at Yellow Cab stores via GCASH Scan and get FREE Regular Wings or Regular Hustlers with a minimum spend of P999! …

What is Yellow Cab my mix?

When you gotta lunch, make it MyMix: your choice of chicken, folded pizza, and pasta in one box for just P199.

Is Yellow Cab halal?

Being a Global Brand, Yellow Cab offers a wide variety of pizza and other products that can cater to any market type. Some of the ingredients we use are halal-certified. While most of our products have pork as an ingredient – we guarantee our customers that we have NON PORK products in our menu.

What is the biggest pizza of Yellow Cab?

You can choose from their bigger sizes, namely 12″ Medium, 15″ Large, and 18″ XLarge pizzas for your Classic and Signature favorites. Better yet you can try their Legendary flavors: bestselling New York’s Finest, and jam-packed Four Seasons in Original or All Meat!

How much is Charlie Chan in yellow cab?

Yellow Cab The Charlie Chan Pizza (P349/nine inches, P549/12 inches, P749/15 inches) has boneless chicken thigh fillets tossed in a sweet-and-spicy sauce, shiitake mushrooms, sweet onions, and crunchy peanuts on Yellow Cab’s NY-style thin crust, which is lighter than its regular counterpart.

How do I pay with Sodexo?

How to use Sodexo Pay?

  1. Download the app.
  2. Login and activate mobile payments.
  3. Pay contactless at POS with your phone.
  4. Manage your card through the app, check the transaction history, etc.

Does Yellow Cab accept credit cards for delivery?

Hi! Yes, we accept credit cards upon delivery 🙂 Order online now at or call our hotline number, 789-9999!

How do I order Shakeys with GCash?

A partnership between Shakey’s Philippines and Globe Business now allows (1) GCash users to pay for their favorite food and drinks at Shakey’s, (2) Globe customers to order at Shakey’s toll-free via mobile phones and landlines (via #77777), and (3) GCash Scan-to-Pay service (initially) at 11 Shakey’s branches.

Is yellow cab from Philippines?

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is a pizza restaurant chain based in the Philippines. Founded in April 2001 by Eric Puno, Henry Lee and Albert Tan, Yellow Cab Pizza is owned by Max’s Group, who is also the owner of the restaurant fried chicken chain Max’s Restaurant.