How much does Odeon cost?

How much does Odeon cost?

Odeon Cinema Prices (UK)

Student (Valid student card required) £6.00 – £8.50
Senior (Ages 60+) £6.00 – £9.00
Adult (Ages 18+) £6.00 – £11.00
Family (1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children) £22.00 – £32.00

How many Odeon cinemas are there in the UK?

Now with more than 120 cinemas and over 950 screens in the UK & Ireland, ODEON is the leading exhibitor, committed to investing in cutting edge technology and comfort to create the ultimate experience for our guests – from luxury reclining seats and immersive screens with premium sight and sound, to our delicious food …

What is a myODEON Saver ticket?

myODEON Saver tickets are available on selected screenings throughout the week, and are the cheapest standard ticket price for the relevant screening booked on that channel.

How much is a senior ticket at the ODEON?

Odeon Ticket Prices

Child (12 years and under) £7.50 – £9.25
Teen (Ages 13-17) £7.50 – £10.50
Student (Valid student card required) £8.00 – £10.50
Senior (Ages 60+) £7.50 – £11.00

Are you allowed to take your own food in a cinema ODEON?

Customers are allowed to take in their own food and non-alcoholic drinks into Odeon Cinemas, as long as the food is cold and does not have a strong smell.

Why are cinemas called Odeon?

Odeon publicists liked to claim that the name of the cinemas was derived from his motto, “Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation”, but it had been used for cinemas in France and Italy in the 1920s, and the word is actually Ancient Greek ᾨδεῖον, Ōideion, meaning “a place for singing”.

Who owns Odeon?

AMC Theatres
Odeon Cinemas/Parent organizations
Today we’re owned by AMC Theatres, the largest movie exhibition company in the world, and our passion for film and the whole cinema experience is so deep-rooted that it is embodied in everything we do.

What does ODEON saver mean?

Do you have to pay for myODEON?

Join myODEON for free and get more As a myODEON member, you can enjoy access to a host of exciting benefits: Pay less with myODEON Saver tickets on selected showings Tuesday-Sunday and all-day on Member Monday’s. Faster, better booking experience.

What does IMAX stand for?

Image Maximum
2) Imax is an abbreviation for “Image Maximum” 3) Imax Cameras Are Really Hard To Shoot With. For filmmakers, large format means a large number of challenges—Imax cameras tend to be much heavier, louder, and generally more difficult to shoot with than their non-Imax counterparts.

How many screens does Odeon Kingston have?

We have 15 screens of film magic showing stunning RealD 3D, including a monster IMAX. Treat yourself with our Premier seats, Club Seats or even our new luxurious Recliner Seats. Going to the cinema should be fun for everyone. That’s why we offer you a range of accessibility services at ODEON Kingston.

What accessibility services are available at Odeon Kingston?

Going to the cinema should be fun for everyone. That’s why we offer you a range of accessibility services at ODEON Kingston. Each screen has wheelchair spaces and the latest technology to provide audio description and hard-of-hearing facilities at your seat.

How many people can I invite to my Odeon event?

Whatever your event requirements, be it a small regional meeting for up to 50 delegates or national conference for up to 1679, ODEON has the facilities and flexibility to accommodate you. For further information please visit the ODEON Corporate Events site for more details. For guest service queries please see our help pages.