How much does it cost to go to Sydney aquarium?

How much does it cost to go to Sydney aquarium?

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Ticket Prices

Ticket Type Price on the day/School Holidays/Weekends SAVE 20% – Pre-book online in advance on weekdays
Adult $49 $39.20
Child (3-15 yrs) $35 $28.00
Student or Senior* $39 $31.20
Child (0-2 yrs) FREE FREE

How long does it take to walk through sea life?

On average it will take you 1.5 to 2 hours to enjoy the full experience of SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton’s.

What aquariums are in Sydney?

These places are best for zoos & aquariums in Sydney: WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium….4. Sydney City Aquarium

  • Sydney Harbour Ferry with Taronga Zoo Entry Ticket.
  • WILD LIFE Sydney Entrance Ticket.
  • Sydney Harbour Hop On Hop Off Cruise with Taronga Zoo entry.

Which is the largest aquarium in Australia?

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium has the world’s largest collection of Australian aquatic life. From sharks and dugongs to stingrays and seahorses, discover 14 themed areas on a journey through SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

Is Sydney Aquarium worth it?

An attraction really worth a visit in the heart of Sydney CBD. The undersea tunnels and Penguin exploration alone was worth the price, plus pleny more to see. A very enjoyable experience.

Which is better Sydney or Melbourne Aquarium?

Melbourne’s is bigger simply because it has lots of separate sections and it has the addition of penguins and an enormous crocodile. Sydney has two – the “tourist” one at Darling Harbour and the older more traditional one over at Manly. I prefer the Manly one – generally because it has more locals and less tourists.

How long can you stay at SEA LIFE Aquarium?

On average it will take about 60 to 90 minutes to enjoy the full SEA LIFE experience. However, you can spend as long as you’d like with our marine creatures.

How long does it take to walk through Sydney Aquarium?

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is a large attraction and we recommend that you allow around 90 minutes for your visit.

How many aquariums are there in Sydney?

The aquarium features 14 themed zones including Jurassic Seas, Discovery Rockpool, Shark Walk, and the world’s largest Great Barrier Reef display….Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.

The aquarium in 2017
Volume of largest tank 2,000,000 litres (440,000 imp gal; 530,000 US gal)
Memberships ZAA, WAZA

Which aquarium is better Sydney or Melbourne?

Which is better Sydney or Melbourne aquarium?

Is sea life Sydney worth a visit?

Thanks to Sea Life Sydney’s location near Darling Harbour’s best restaurants, bars and entertainment, it’s a great activity for visitors who want to see as much as possible while they’re here. Just make sure you book in advance because tickets often sell out.

How much is the tropical reef lagoon at sea life Sydney?

Get up close and personal with an array of tropical fish, majestic rays and other fascinating marine life during your very own adventure in our Tropical Reef Lagoon. For a limited time only, meet an array of amazing marine creatures for $59 per person and SAVE 25% for bookings now until 28 February 2022.

What are the best things to do in Sydney?

Exploring all nine of Sea Life’s interactive zones, from Dugong Island to Shark Valley, is definitely one of the best things to do in Sydney. At Penguin Expedition, you’ll have the chance to get within inches of colonies of gentoo and king penguins waddling and splashing about a recreated Macquarie Island habitat.

Does sea life Sydney Aquarium accept Dine&discover vouchers?

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, as well as our other Sydney attractions including Sydney Tower Eye, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and Madame Tussauds Sydney are now accepting the NSW Dine & Discover vouchers, for you to redeem against our most popular tickets. What’s on these School Holidays? Not sure what to do with the kids these summer school holidays?