How much does Iron Ring cost?

How much does Iron Ring cost?

The cost for a replacement ring is $30 (which includes shipping and HST) and is payable on-line by Visa or MasterCard only. Processing of replacement rings is done approximately twice a month around the 15th and 30th of each month.

Can I get an Iron Ring?

The ring symbolizes the pride that engineers have in their profession, while simultaneously reminding them of their humility. You must attend The Ritual of the Calling of the Engineer Obligation Ceremony in order to receive an Iron Ring.

What is the Iron Ring Ritual?

The Iron Ring is a ring worn by many Canadian-trained engineers, as a symbol and reminder of the obligations and ethics associated with their profession. The ring is presented to engineering graduates in a private ceremony known as the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer.

Who can give me my Iron Ring?

Yes, but only an Engineer that has been previously obligated by in the Ritual Calling of an Engineer may give you your Iron Ring. Often times it is a family member, mentor, employer or friend. In order to participate, they must wear their Iron Ring to the event or provide advance proof of their previous obligation.

Do engineers get a ring when they graduate?

The Engineer’s Ring is a ring worn by members of the United States Order of the Engineer, a fellowship of engineers who must be a certified Professional Engineer or graduated from an accredited engineering program (or be within one academic year of graduation to participate).

Can you resize an Iron Ring?

On the downside, stainless steel ring lovers find themselves struggling to resize their beloved jewelry, and even wonder if it’s possible. Fortunately the answer is yes, you can definitely resize stainless steel rings!

Is Iron Ring only in Canada?

The Ritual is copyrighted in Canada and the US and the ring has been registered. The Corporation of the Seven Wardens is responsible for administering the ritual, which is held in private ceremonies at the 25 separate groups, called Camps, across Canada.

Is the Iron Ring mandatory?

Q: Is it mandatory to attend an Iron Ring Ceremony? No. It is a personal decision but you need to graduate and register in order to attend.

Is the Iron Ring ceremony secret?

Per tradition, only those who had a ring or would be receiving a ring were allowed to attend. The ceremony is considered private rather than secret, but discussing the details is discouraged.

How should an Iron Ring fit?

The ring must fit over the knuckle and sit comfortably at the base of the finger. The correct size will require you to twist once or twice to get it off the knuckle; otherwise, your ring will fall off when your hands are wet or cold.

Which finger is for engineering ring?

little finger
The Iron Ring has been registered and may be worn on the little finger of the working hand by any engineer who has been obligated at an authorized ceremony of the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer.

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How do I get a replacement for my Iron Ring?

If you wish to replace your Iron Ring, please complete the form below. The cost for a replacement ring is $30 (which includes shipping and HST) and is payable on-line by Visa or MasterCard only.