How much are the Russian crown jewels worth?

How much are the Russian crown jewels worth?

[1] The crown jewels were either to be sold, or pledged for a loan. The gems were estimated to be worth $500 million.

What happened to Russian imperial jewels?

The gems were later sold at Christie Manson and Woods Auction House (the precursor to Christie’s) in 1927 in a series of 124 lots, the money going back to the Soviet government. A later 1925 record shows 4 fewer pieces, one of which was found to have been later sold at the 1927 Christie’s auction.

How much are the Romanov jewels worth?

The brooch and ear clips are from the jewelry box of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, the aunt of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, and were spirited out of Russia during the 1917 revolution. Their estimated value is between $307,000 and $526,000, the auction house said.

How much is the Romanov crown worth?

It was literally priceless. In 1920, the crown was estimated to be worth $52 million (not a small sum in those days) – it is decorated with more than 5,000 gems totaling 2,858 carats; the largest stone, a red spinel, weighs almost 400 carats.

What Russian crown jewels are missing?

Four pieces were missing in the 1925 catalog. Of them one, a brooch, was sold in 1927. A gold and emerald necklace, a sapphire and diamond bracelet, and a sapphire and diamond tiara are all still missing.

What happened to the remaining Romanov family?

On the night of July 16, 1918, a Bolshevik assassination squad executed Czar Nicholas II, his wife, Alexandra, and their five children, putting an end to the Romanov family dynasty that had ruled Russia for more than three centuries. The murder of the Romanovs stamped out the monarchy in Russia in a brutal fashion.

Where are Russia’s Crown Jewels?

The majority of the collection remains in Russia at the Kremlin Diamond Fund in Moscow. “The mystery and intrigue surrounding Russia’s regalia and crown jewels is heightened by its fascinating history and provenance, as well as the sheer gemological importance of many of the pieces,” said Dona Dirlam, director of GIA’s library.

What is the significance of the Russian imperial jewels?

These are jewels of almost magical significance, symbols of unbridled power and wealth. The U.S. Geological Survey librarians called Kristen Regina, the archivist and head of the research collection at the Hillwood Museum in Washington, D.C. The Hillwood boasts the largest collection of Russian imperial art outside of Russia.

What is Russia’s Treasure of diamonds and precious stones?

The collection is documented in Russia’s Treasure of Diamonds and Precious Stones, one of the very few surviving catalogs documenting Russia’s regalia and crown jewels at the time of the overthrow of the tsarist government in 1917. Published in 1925-26 by the Bolshevik government, it was printed in three versions: Russian, French and English.

Is the Orlov Diamond in the Crown Jewels?

Huffine knew they were on to something. “Several of the pictures at the very front of the album are the iconic, known products that you would think of for the Russian Crown Jewels, including the Orlov Diamond in the scepter, and the grand crown, which has the huge stone at the top,” he says.