How many villages are there in Karimganj district?

How many villages are there in Karimganj district?

Revenue Circle-wise List

Sl No Revenue Circle Total Villages
1 Badarpur 85
2 Karimganj 182
3 Nilambazar 180
4 Patharkandi 206

What is the area of Karimganj district?

698 mi²
Geography of Karimganj district general Karimganj district is located in the southern tip of Assam – a state in the north-eastern corner of India. Together with two other neighbouring districts – Cachar and Hailakandi – it constitutes the barak valley zone in southern Assam. Total area of the district is 1809 sq.kms.

Who is the district collector of Karimganj?

Deputy Commissioners List

Name of District Deputy Commissioner
Karimganj Shri Mridul Yadav,IAS
Kokrajhar Smt. Varnali Deka, IAS
Lakhimpur Shri Sumit Sattawan,IAS
Majuli Shri Pulak Mahanta, ACS

What is the meaning of Karimganj?

Karimganj is a city in the Karimganj District of the Indian state of Assam. It is the administrative headquarters of the district. Karimganj city is located at24.87°N 92.35°E. The area of Karimganj city is 16.09 km2.

How many GP are there in Karimganj district?

Name of the Development block No. of Goan Panchayat
North Karimganj 12
South Karimganj 21
Badarpur 12
Patharkandi 12

Why is karimganj famous?

Karimganj has various hill ranges namely Adamail range, Duhalia range and it has beautiful rivers such as Kushiyara River and Longai River. The beauty of Karimganj can be gauged by the fact that the train ride covering this stretch is considered one amongst the most picturesque rail routes in India.

What is the total population of Karimganj?

Karimganj District Urban/Rural 2011

Description Rural Urban
Population (%) 91.07 % 8.93 %
Total Population 1,118,986 109,700
Male Population 570,510 55,354
Female Population 548,476 54,346

How many blocks are there in Assam 2020?

Since India’s independence in 1947, the administrative entities of Assam have increased over a period of time. With 54 subdivisions initially, the Government of Assam incorporated 24 more subdivisions with 5 new districts on 26 January 2016, increasing the count to 78.

What is the ancient name of Cachar?

Cachar was known as Hirimba. It was used during the rule of Kachari Kingdom, till the advent of British. The Kacharis were the descendants of Gatotkacha. They named their kingdom after ‘Hirimba’, the mother of Gatotkacha.

What is the population of Karimganj?

Karimganj Table Data

Description 2011 2001
Population 12.29 Lakhs 10.08 Lakhs
Actual Population 1,228,686 1,007,976
Male 625,864 517,680
Female 602,822 490,296