How many Theta Chis are there?

How many Theta Chis are there?

Founded in 1856, Theta Chi Fraternity is a men’s collegiate fraternity with more than 196,000 initiated members and has established 245 chapters.

How long is Theta Chi pledging?

What is the pledging period like? All pledges will learn about the history, traditions and ideals of Theta Chi in an 8-week new member education period. This is a time for new members to meet each other, current members, and chapter alumni.

Who saved Theta Chi?

Holland, with the help of local alumni, managed to keep the Fraternity afloat by recruiting two new initiates, Phil S. Randall and Henry B. Hersey. Holland is generally credited with saving Theta Chi from an otherwise likely extinction.

How much are Theta Chi dues?

Interfraternity Council

Chapter New Member Fees -No Housing Active Members -Including Housing
Tau Kappa Epsilon $1,500 $5,000
Theta Delta Chi $1,700 $5,000
Theta Xi $1,625 $6,000
Zeta Beta Tau $1,750 $6,000

What frat is Theta?

Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ), also known simply as Theta, is an international women’s fraternity founded on January 27, 1870, at DePauw University, formerly Indiana Asbury. It was the first Greek-letter fraternity established for women….

Kappa Alpha Theta
Type Social
Affiliation NPC
Scope International
Motto Leading Women

What are Theta Chi’s top 20 chapters?

Theta Chi’s Top 20 Chapters recognizes the combined charitable gifts of alumni from each chapter. The list below recognizes unrestricted gifts and gift payments to Theta Chi’s Excellence Fund since January 1, 2020, and will span through the 2020 calendar year.

What do you believe in Theta Chi?

“I believe in Theta Chi, its traditions and its ideals. Born of sturdy manhood, nurtured by resolute men, ennobled by high and sacred purpose, it has taken its place among the educational institutions of America as a promoter of knowledge, an advancer of culture and a builder of character.”

Why Theta Chi fraternity Maxim?

The Fraternity Maxim is used in Theta Chi to emphasize our commitment to the missions of the institutions where Theta Chi is present. We believe that our members share a lifelong responsibility to be active participants in campus affairs and their local communities.

What is Theta Chi’s Excellence Fund?

Your gift to Theta Chi’s Excellence Fund supports our collegiate brothers by providing leadership training and academic scholarships. You can make your own tax-deductible gift by clicking the give button below.