How many rooms does Hotel Walloon have?

How many rooms does Hotel Walloon have?

Hotel Walloon, where guests can enjoy the charm and hospitality of the early twentieth century along with the comforts of every modern amenity. Settled against the breathtaking backdrop of Walloon Lake, this independently owned and operated boutique hotel features 32 unique, elegant and comfortable guest rooms.

When did Hotel Walloon open?

Nestled on the Crystal Clear Waters of Walloon Lake The original Hotel Walloon was across the road from the lakeshore and was opened in the 1890s by Mrs. James Hass.

Who owns Walloon Lake Inn?

Matt Borisch
Matt Borisch finalized his acquisition of the 122-year-old inn — which includes a dining area as well as bed-and-breakfast rooms — on Jan. 9. In recent years, Borisch and his father, Jon, have acquired and revamped several properties in Walloon Lake’s small business district.

Is Walloon Lake man made?

Walloon Lake is a glacier-formed lake located in Charlevoix and Emmet counties, just southwestward from the northern tip of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. It is now home to many vacation homes and cottages.

What county is Walloon Lake Michigan in?

Charlevoix County
Walloon Lake/Counties

What county is Bay Harbor MI in?

Emmet County

What is Walloon Lake known for?

Walloon Lake is characterized as an oligotrophic lake. It has low plant growth and algae, high water clarity, and is generally cold and deep. The lake supports populations of walleye, smallmouth bass, northern pike, rock bass, perch, and stocked rainbow and lake trout.

How did Walloon Lake get its name?

When the Grand Rapids & Indiana railroad brought visitors around the turn-of-the-century, the lake was called “Bear Lake,” derived from the Native American name Muhqua Neblis, meaning “bear water.” The village was named Talcott until it was changed to Walloon Lake in 1900, a time when the community numbered about 300 …

What is Walloon Lake famous for?

The lake is closely associated with literary giant Ernest Hemingway, whose family bought a cottage on the lake named Windemere. Hemingway, who spent his boyhood years on Walloon, used the area as setting for a series of short stories featuring alter ego character Nick Adams.

How deep is Walloon Lake in Michigan?

Walloon Lake/Max depth

About the Lake Walloon Lake covers 4,270, with 30.5 miles of shoreline and a maximum depth of just over 100 feet (located in the “West Arm”).

Who owns Bay Harbor Michigan?

David V. Johnson, Chairman of Victor International Corporation, is committed to creating unique living and working environments that exist in ecological harmony with the land.

Is Petoskey Michigan Rural?

Population in 2019: 5,756 (85% urban, 15% rural).

How many rooms are in the Walloon Lake Hotel?

Settled against the breathtaking backdrop of Walloon Lake, this independently owned and operated boutique hotel features 32 unique, elegant and comfortable guest rooms.

Why stay at Hotel Walloon?

Centrally located between Petoskey, Boyne City, Charlevoix, Traverse City and Mackinaw, Hotel Walloon is the perfect “home away from home” to enjoy all the adventure Northern Michigan has to offer. We look forward to exceeding guest expectations and adhering to the highest standards of quality, hospitality and character in Northern Michigan.

What is Walloon like in the winter?

The town of Walloon is magical in the winter with a couple of great dining options and really great little shops. A short drive and you can get to Charlevoix, Petoskey or Boyne. The cocktails at the hotel bar were amazing as was the late night dip in the outdoor 15 person spa.