How many metro stations are in Montreal?

How many metro stations are in Montreal?

68 stations
The Montreal metro consists of four lines running a total of 71 km and serving 68 stations.

What metro stop is downtown Montreal?

The Station Charlevoix station is the nearest one to Via Rail in Montréal.

Is the Montreal metro good?

Metro: The Metro system is fast, clean, and reliable in Montreal, and covers most of the area in the city. There are four Metro lines in Montreal, named by colour: The Orange Line: This line runs east to north between Ville St-Laurent and Laval in an L-shape.

Where does the peanut smell come from in Montreal?

WHAT’S THAT SMELL? The metro’s characteristic peanut smell is the oil used to treat the trains’ brake shoes. The brake shoes for the metro trains are made of solid, Quebec-grown yellow birch.

Does Quebec have a subway?

Public transit services are available in Québec’s major cities. Montréal is served by a subway system (the “metro”), buses and commuter trains. Québec City: The Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) offers one- and two-day unlimited travel passes.

Is the metro Open in Montréal?

Public transportation* is an affordable way to get around Montréal. The metro (subway) system is clean, safe and fast. The metro operates daily from 5:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. (1:30 a.m. on Saturdays).

Does the metro go to Old Montreal?

The VERTE is the first Metro that goes to Old montreal in Montréal. It stops nearby at 5:45 AM.

How much does Montreal metro cost?

Fares: Single rides on the metro will run you $3.50 CAD or $6.50 for two tickets. Day fares are also available and will cost $10. If you’re planning on doing most of your commuting after 6 p.m., opt for the evening pass, which is unlimited until 5 a.m. and only costs $5.50. Note: Children under 11 ride free.

How much is a metro ticket in Montreal?

Montreal Metro Ticket Prices (Fares)

Fares Prices Conditions
1 trip $3.50 The only fare sold on the bus. Exact change required.
2 trips $6.50 One single user.
10 trips $29.00
Unlimited Evening $5.50 6 p.m. to 5 a.m.

What does McGill station mean?

McGill station is a Montreal Metro station in the borough of Ville-Marie in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is operated by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and serves the Green Line. The station opened on October 14, 1966, as part of the original network of the Metro.

How to get to McGill University in Sherbrooke by bus or train?

Check out this list of stops closest to your destination: Des Pins / University; Des Pins / Du Docteur-Penfield; Du Parc / Des Pins; Station Mcgill; Station Sherbrooke. You can get to Mcgill University by Bus, Metro or Train. These are the lines and routes that have stops nearby – Bus: 107, 144, 61 Train: SH, SJ Metro: VERTE

Where are the bus stops on the Metro in Montreal?

Three stops are available at this station and the signs are easily identifiable since they are at the color of the métro line they serve. Eastbound towards Honoré-Beaugrand: Bus stop 52498, located southwest side of Sainte-Catherine, at the corner of Robert-Bourassa.

Where is the REM’s McGill station located?

The REM’s McGill station is located in the heart of downtown and is connected to the green metro line. Every day, some 25,000 people will travel through this station, making it the network’s second-busiest station after Central Station. Although underground, the McGill station will be glazed and bright, just like the other stations in the network.