How many inches of insulation should you have in your attic?

How many inches of insulation should you have in your attic?

14 inches

What is the best type of insulation?

The best types of home attic insulation are open cell spray foam, fiberglass, and cellulose.

  • Cellulose is the oldest insulation material used for not only the attic but other areas of the home as well.
  • Fiberglass is another traditional insulation material that consists of extremely fine glass fibers.

How often do you staple insulation?

about every 8″

How much does it cost to insulate a 1000 sq ft attic?

The cost to insulate an attic with blown-in insulation runs from $600 to $1,200, assuming it is 1,000 square feet in size. If you choose to hire a professional, expect to pay from $40 to $70 an hour for labor in addition to the cost of materials.

What are the different sizes of staples?

Common sizes for the home and office include: 26/6, 24/6, 24/8, 13/6, 13/8 and No. 10 for mini staplers. Common sizes for heavy duty staplers include: 23/8, 23/12, 23/15, 23/20, 23/24, 13/10, and 13/14. Stapleless staplers cut and bend paper without using metal fasteners.

What is the cheapest type of insulation?

Reflective insulation

How wide can you get insulation?

Width. Just as fiberglass insulation is available in different thicknesses and lengths, it is also available in different widths. Common batt widths in metal frame applications include 16 inches and 24 inches, while widths for residential construction include 15 inches and 23 inches.

What is the best type of attic insulation?

Fiberglass, cotton, and mineral wool can all work as loose-fill material, but the far and away top choice for blown-in insulation is fiberglass. Contrary to batts, blown-in fiberglass insulation is perfect for filling in tight voids around wiring, pipes, or any area with awkward framing.

What size Staples does a staple gun take?

Light duty staple guns load three sizes of staples: 1/4, 5/16- and 3/8-inch staples. Since the heavy duty stapler can handle a greater variety of staple sizes, it might seem that there’s really no need for the light duty model.

How do I know what size Staples to buy?

Often, the size will appear in the metric, two-number form, for example, 23/6. The first number refers to the gauge of the staple, and the second number refers to the length of the staple’s legs. Generally, for office use, it’s the leg length that will vary, depending on how many pages you need to staple at once.

What are 80 series staples?

80 Series Fine Wire Staples A quality general purpose staple most commonly used in upholstery for use in fastening thin material to wood.

What are the best staple guns?

Best Staple Gun

  • Stanley TR110 Heavy Duty Steel Stapler.
  • BOSTITCH T6-8 Staple Gun.
  • Stanley TR45K Light Duty Staple Gun.
  • Dewalt DWHTTR350 Heavy Duty Aluminum Stapler.
  • Stanley TR150HL SharpShooter Heavy Duty Staple Gun.
  • Arrow Fastener T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun.
  • Rapid R34 Stapling Gun.

What are T staples used for?

Made to deliver exceptional holding power, these staples are used for all heavy-duty stapling applications – from installing insulation, housewraps, and roofing underlayments to upholstering fine furniture and window treatments….US, Online.

Size 9/16″ (14mm)
Material Steel
Pack Size 1250

What are 140 staples?

This staple is a flat wire staple and in used primarily in the construction industry for roofing sheets, insultation works, insultation foil, in the furniture industry but also to fasten soft materials like cardboard, corrugated board, carton and similar products. Details staple 140 – staple 11: Crown widht: 10.7 mm.

What are the different types of carpet staples?

We chose 1/2” staples because they provide the 3/16 – 1/4 inch penetration needed to firmly secure our carpet to the hard wood steps while still firing flush. We fired a staple about every 4 inches along the back and sides of the runner.

Which is better attic insulation blown or rolled?

The environmentalists in your family will likely favor it over the rolled kind of fiberglass insulation. Blown fiberglass insulation scores an R-value of 3.2 to 3.8, making it slightly less likely than rolled fiberglass to prevent the flow of heat into and out of your house.

What’s the best staple gun for upholstery?

Best Sellers in Power Upholstery Staplers

  • #1.
  • WEN Gauge 3/8-Inch Crown Air-Powered Pneumatic T50 Stapler for Upholstery and…
  • KeLDE Electric Staple Gun Kit, 120V Electric Stapler / Brad Nailer with Adjustable Firing Mode…
  • Dynastus Pneumatic Upholstery Staple Gun, 21 Gauge 1/2″ Wide Crown Air Stapler Kit, by 1/4…

What staples to use for insulation?

Use a Bostitch, Arrow or similar manual staple gun and 1/4″, 5/16″ or 3/8″ staples, using enough staples to hold the insulation firmly in place and avoid gaps and fishmouths.

What are the disadvantages of spray foam insulation?


  • The upfront cost is higher than conventional insulation.
  • Payback period is 2-4 years.
  • It is not generally a Do-it-Yourself project.
  • The installation process is longer.
  • The process could be messier.

Can you over insulate an attic?

But there may be a theoretical point of “too much.” If a home is over-insulated and is too tightly sealed, moisture can get trapped inside. Without proper ventilation, a home can build up too much moisture, especially in the attic (warm air rises), which can cause mold problems and, overall, lower indoor air quality.

What are Type 55 staples?

The Bosch “Type 55” has a narrow crown and up to 30mm shank length, and is particularly suitable for fixing wood profiles and panels. Narrow crown staples penetrate deeply and thus provide a particularly firm seating; at the same time the staple crown is unobtrusive.