How long is the NFL football season?

How long is the NFL football season?

It consists of 272 games, with each of the NFL’s 32 teams playing 17 games during an 18-week period with one “bye” week off. Since 2012, the NFL generally schedules games in five time slots during the week. The first game of the week is played on Thursday night, kicking off at 8:20 PM (ET).

How long is the 2020 NFL regular season?

The season was played over a 17-week schedule beginning on September 10. Each of the league’s 32 teams played 16 games, with one bye week for each team. The regular season concluded with a full slate of 16 games on January 3, 2021, all of which were intra-division matchups, as it had been since 2010.

What months does the NFL season run?

2021 NFL season

Regular season
Duration September 9, 2021 – January 9, 2022
Start date January 15, 2022
Super Bowl LVI

How long is the NFL season 2021?

The 2021 NFL season is the inaugural year for the league’s 18-week, 17-game season. This season was the first since 1978 where the number of games was changed. In 1978, the NFL moved from 14 games per season to 16.

How long is college football season?

13 weeks
A full FBS regular-season schedule typically runs 13 weeks, though the Army-Navy game often serves as the official end of the season and is played one week after the conference championship games.

When did the 2020 NFL season start?

September 10, 20202020 NFL season / Start date

Is the NFL season longer this year?

Obviously, the regular season is now one week longer than it was previously. 6, 2022 this season. Additionally, schedule symmetry is gone, as some NFL teams will have nine home games and eight road games while others will play eight at home and nine on the road.

How many seasons of the NFL have there been?

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Why is there 18 weeks in the NFL this year?

Back in March, the NFL owners agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that had been signed the previous year. With this new agreement, the NFL season expanded to 17 games from 16. The CBA runs through the 2030 season.

How many games are in the NFL season 2020?

The 17-game regular season will give half of the N.F.L.’s teams an extra home game each season. For simplicity’s sake, the 17th game will be hosted by all teams from one conference on a rotating basis.

When does the NFL season officially start?

The league expanded the regular season from a 16-game schedule to 17 games. The regular season is scheduled to start on September 9, 2021, with defending Super Bowl LV champion Tampa Bay hosting Dallas in the NFL Kickoff Game and end on January 9, 2022.

When is the next NFL preseason game?

The 2019 NFL Preseason Schedule will be released in April 2019.

When did the NFL come to the TV?

Regular broadcasts of games began after World War II and the first NFL championship to be televised was the 1948 match between the Eagles and Chicago Cardinals . In 1950, the Los Angeles Rams and the Washington Redskins became the first NFL teams to have all of their games-home and away-televised.

When are playoffs NFL?

There are no big changes in the playoffs, the recent changes were made in 2020. Everything is arranged for the 2021-22 National Football League Playoffs to begin in January 2022. The good news is that the NFL now allows 14 teams to play in the playoffs round.