How long is Teneriffe?

How long is Teneriffe?

7.5 miles and 1,900 feet elevation for a nice 3-hour ramble with breaks and photos.

Does Little Si have snow?

The trail is often covered in snow and difficult to trek through much of the year and many hikers suggest this as a summer hike. The beginning section is the steepest part, so don’t get disheartened!

How do I get to Keekwulee Falls?

Drive to a T in the road and turn right on Forest Road 58. Drive about 2.5 miles and then take the left turn after the Denny Creek Campground. Pass the Franklin Falls Trailhead and take a left to reach the parking lot for Denny Creek Trail (which leads you to Keekwulee Falls). A Northwest Forest Pass is required.

Why are the Canaries Spanish?

In 1479 the Treaty of Alcáçovas recognized Spanish sovereignty over the Canaries, and the conquest of the remaining islands was completed in 1496. Christopher Columbus replenished all four of his westbound fleets in the Canaries, which became an indispensable Spanish base on sea routes to the Americas.

How hard is Mount Si?

A moderately strenuous 8-mile round trip hike with 3,159 feet of elevation gain. The Mount Si “main” Trail begins at the far corner of the parking lot where just past the picnic area and outhouse. It’s 16 miles and 6,400 feet of elevation gain.

Do you need a Discover Pass for Mt Si?

Mount Si and Tiger Mountain, for instance, are managed by the Department of Natural Resources and require the Discover Pass ($30). Twin Falls and Squak Mountain are state parks and also require the Discover Pass. There are also several trails on King County park lands, and these are free.

How do I get to Teneriffe?

Come to a T intersection shortly past this viewpoint, signed with another map of the area. A left here takes you via a connector trail to the base of the Mount Si haystack; it’s a fun alternate way to access this popular summit. But Teneriffe is found to your right, at the end of another 2.3 miles of hiking.

What is the Mount Teneriffe trail?

This is a social trail that hikers have created, essentially making a straight, very steep shot to the summit of Mount Teneriffe. This is not an official trail and hiker use will lead to erosion concerns. Please refrain from using this trail.

Is Teneriffe falls worth the detour?

Through this section, you’ll pass a side trail to the popular Teneriffe Falls. This is a worthwhile (if longish) detour to a gorgeous waterfall with a small overlook, but note that slippery rocks and steep dropoffs make it a place to be extra careful with novice hikers or young children.

Why Mount Teneriffe Mountains to Sound Greenway?

Mount Teneriffe Mountains to Sound Greenway did this road to trail conversion in order to create a more sustainable, safer route for hikers to a summit on the I-90 corridor.