How long is Tears of the Sun?

How long is Tears of the Sun?

2h 22m
Tears of the Sun/Running time

Is tears of sun on Netflix?

Right now you can watch Tears of the Sun on Hulu Plus or Netflix.

What streaming service has Tears of the Sun?

Watch Tears of the Sun | Netflix.

Is Tears of the Sun a true movie?

The story is based on a mission of the Canadian Joint Task Force Two (JTF2) that took place in Colombia. An ex-member of the commando wrote the original story and suggested it when he met the production team of Executive Decision (1996) on a set in Nevada.

Does Tears of the Sun have nudity?

Intense peril and battle violence, many characters killed, brutal murders. Non-sexual nudity. Very strong language including racial epithets.

Is Tears of the Moon a true story?

The major twist in Jungle Cruise comes when Frank reveals himself to be one of the Spanish conquistadors on Aguirre’s 16th-century expedition to find the Tears of the Moon. Aguirre is based on a real-life Spanish conquistador, Lope de Aguirre, from the 16th century who was known for being a madman adventurer.

Where was Tears of the Sun filmed?

In Tears of the Sun, a military-rescue thriller set in the jungles of Nigeria (it was actually shot in Hawaii), Bruce Willis, as Navy SEAL lieutenant A.K.

Is Tears of the Sun on prime?

Watch Tears Of The Sun | Prime Video.

How old is Monica Bellucci?

57 years (September 30, 1964)
Monica Bellucci/Age

Is Tears of the Sun Rated R?

“Tears of the Sun” is rated R for graphic wartime violence (gunfire, stabbings and explosive mayhem), frequent use of strong sex-related profanity, graphic gore, a scene depicting rape, brief drugs (use of a hypodermic and narcotics), flashes of female nudity and a brief scene of torture. Running time: 118 minutes.

What did the Incas call Tears of the Moon?

Gold was associated with the Sun in the Inca world, and sometimes known as the “sweat of the sun.” The wife of the Sun was “Mother Moon” and her essence was silver — “tears of the moon.” An important temple in Inca Cusco was dedicated to the Moon goddess and attended by priestesses.

Where is Tears of the Moon?

The tear of the moons itself is in a box, in the basement of the castle. Guarding it is a level 30 named and 4 level 26 soldiers/riflemen/officers.

Is Tears of the Sun a true story?

Tears of The Sun is based on the true story of a secret mission made by Canadian Army Secret Special Forces called JTF2(Joint Task Force 2).

Who is the cast of Tears of the Sun?

The cast of Tears of the Sun features refugees portrayed by true African refugees living in the U.S. Bruce Willis as Lieutenant A.K. Waters: Team Commander/Rifleman Monica Bellucci as Dr. Lena Kendricks Cole Hauser as MM1 James “Red” Atkins: Explosive Specialist;M-60 Machine Gunner (SSG Stanley, David M.)

What is the movie Tears of the Sun?

Tears of the Sun is a 2003 American action war drama film depicting a U.S. Navy SEAL team rescue mission amidst the civil war in Nigeria. Lt. A.K. Waters ( Bruce Willis ) commands the team sent to rescue U.S. citizen Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks ( Monica Bellucci ) from the civil war en route to her jungle hospital.