How long is Exide battery warranty?

How long is Exide battery warranty?

The label on every Exide battery specifies the total number of months covered by the free replacement period and the Pro-Rata period for batteries fitted in private cars, multi-utility vehicles, two-wheelers, inverters, gensets and solar applications. i. For commercial and metered taxis the warranty is 12 months.

Can we claim Exide battery warranty?

2. In the event of any complaint, the battery must be returned untampered & complete to the Company’s Authorised Dealer, Wholesaler or Depot in India along with the Warranty Claim Form. The Warranty Claim Form comprises of a four-fold page that needs to be filled up completely as indicated below: i.

How many years is a battery warranty?

Your car’s battery is usually covered by a limited bumper-to-bumper warranty. Car battery warranties typically last for two years or 24,000 miles, even if the bumper-to-bumper warranty lasts longer. You should also know that most extended car warranties exclude batteries from their coverage.

Can Exide battery be repaired?

We are offering Exide Battery Repairing Service that is undertaken by our team of skilled professionals, closely interact with the clients according to their requirements. Clients can avail this service at market leading price.

How do I check my battery warranty?

Register your Exide Battery/HUPS online and view your Battery/HUPS warranty details anytime, anywhere!

  1. Register Your Battery.
  2. Register Your Home UPS.
  3. View Registered Batteries/HUPS.

How do I claim a battery warranty?

Call us at 18004254848 (Toll free BSNL number) and 9840954848 (SMS or call) to find the nearest battery dealer to you. Check for the date of manufacture for claiming your warranty if your battery has failed under warranty period.

How do I claim Exide battery warranty without warranty?

Simply register your battery with us and we’ll do the rest! Paperless experience: You do not need to produce warranty card or cash memo in the event of any warranty claim. Prompt and hassle-free service.

How can check Exide battery date?

Forget the first two letters. The next three are the letter month (C=March) and day (28) of the month. Omit the letter K. The last number is the year it was made (5=2005 more than likely, depending on the age of the batter – If it looks older, it could be 1995, but that would be way old)

How do I know if my battery is still under warranty?

The warranty date code is located on the top label of the battery. The first character is either a P or S. The next two digits determine the month, the third digit is year and the fourth digit indicates the manufacturing plant. For example, P 097N means the battery was made in September 2017.

What is serial number of Exide battery?

First get your original Bill for Battery, your battery’s serial number will be printed on the bill or warranty card of battery. If you find difficult to get the serial number from bill or warranty card, you can get it from your battery itself. The unique serial number is imprinted on the top of your battery. 3.

Is a dead battery covered under warranty?

Batteries: Most automakers will cover regular 12-volt batteries under the bumper-to-bumper warranty in cases where the battery is defective. If the battery is drained and you have roadside-assistance coverage, most automakers will send someone out to give you a jump start.

How does a battery warranty work?

How do pro-rated warranties work? Let’s suppose a battery has a five-year warranty, with the first two years offering free replacement. That means if the battery fails anytime within the first two years of service, it is replaced for free. After those first two years, a pro-rated fee is assessed for the replacement.

What is the warranty on batteries?

Batteries: If it’s not covered in the bumper-to-bumper policy, a car’s conventional 12-volt battery sometimes may get its own warranty. Battery warranties usually range from two to three years; they cover defective batteries on a prorated basis, so you’ll be compensated only for the remaining battery life you lost.

Do car batteries come with a warranty?

Car batteries, like most other parts for your car, can come with a warranty. The types of warranties that are available vary depending on brand and type, whether a wet/flood, gel, calcium or lithium ion battery. A car battery warranty can be as long as 6 months and last as long as the life of the battery, which generally is no more than 6 years.

Are Duracell batteries rechargable?

Duracell AA Batteries: The Duracell Rechargeable Double A battery is designed for use in video game controllers, wireless electronics, baby monitors, and more. Rechargeable Batteries: These powerful NiMH batteries work in any NiMH charger and you can recharge them up to 400 times, helping save you money.

What is a battery warranty?

Battery warranties are primarily a function of marketing. Companies know all consumers like some reasonable level of assurance that they are buying a quality product and having a warranty that lasts for several years generally sends that message.