How long is Assawoman Canal Trail?

How long is Assawoman Canal Trail?

The 3.9-mile-long canal Assawoman Canal links the Indian River Bay and Little Assawoman Bay, and physically links three municipalities and six communities who all share a boundary with the canal lands.

Where is the Assawoman Canal?

Ocean View, Delaware
Located in Ocean View, Delaware, the Assawoman Canal links the Indian River Bay and Little Assawoman Bay and is managed by Delaware Seashore State Park.

Is Assawoman Canal navigable?

(Chesapeake Bay). (11) The bays and connecting channels back of the barrier beaches form a continuous inside passage from Delaware Bay to Chesapeake Bay, but Assawoman Canal and Little Assawoman Bay are now navigable only for rowboats and outboards.

How did assawoman get its name?

Etymology. The name “Assawoman” denoted a female Indian of the similarly-named tribe. Assawoman was originally known as Assawaman until 1966 when the Board on Geographic Names decided upon its current spelling. Their post office was established in October 1890.

Where is Big Assawoman Bay?

Assawoman Bay, once called Assawoman Sound, is a lagoon that is located between Ocean City, Maryland and mainland Delmarva. The bay is located on the northern end of the city, the bay on the southern end is called the Isle of Wight Bay….Popular Destinations in Eastern Shore.

Salisbury Ocean City
Cambridge Easton

Why is it called Assawoman Bay?

How was Assawoman Bay created?

“It was a low section of town, so that broke through and the water just kept rushing out and rushing out and for days,” said Sandy Hurley, curator at the Ocean City Life Saving Museum. “It kept emptying out into the ocean and that’s what created the inlet.”

Is there a boat route from Assawoman Bay to Indian River?

If you are a boater and want to take a short cut between the Assawoman Bay and the Indian River….this is the place to do so…but there is a no wake zone the entire route… going slow you get to see a lot of very nice back yards of the various homes that are located on the canal.

How easy is the walk along the Canal Trail?

The trail is super easy for all skill levels and I love that you walk right beside the canal the entire trek.

How do you get to the Delaware Canal?

In 1968 the Feds gave the canal to the state of Delaware. Till now the only way to travel it was by water but a few years ago the state announced they would create a parallel trail.