How long do ball screws last?

How long do ball screws last?

“Barnes” new ball screws are warranted for 24 months or 20 million inches of nut travel. Reconditioned ball screw warranties fall into two categories (1) 18 months or 15 million inches of nut travel (2) 15 months or 12.5 million inches of nut travel.

Can ball screw be back driven?

Lead screws and ball screws have different tendencies to back drive—lead screws typically have a very low chance of back driving, whereas ball screws are more likely to allow the load to fall. This disparity comes down to efficiency.

What is ball screw bearings?

A ball screw, like a lead screw, converts rotary motion into linear motion. The latter device rides on the screw, supported by a series of ball bearings that provide a rolling surface rather than the sliding surface of a lead screw. The balls roll between the nut and shaft.

Can you join lead screws?

To go further, two screws must be carefully joined to make one longer screw. Lead and ball screws are manufactured on rolling lines and parts made even on the same line will likely have slightly different lead deviations. To join two parts together, therefore, differences in lead deviation need to be overcome.

How can you tell if a ball screw is bad?

If your ball screw shows signs of pitting or corrosion from contaminants, it is deteriorating. If it shows signs of heat discoloration and operates roughly (wobbles, chatters, growls, etc.), it is likely inadequately lubricated, misaligned and/or has worn/damaged bearings.

What is the difference between ball screw and lead screw?

The key difference between a ball screw and a lead screw is in the way the load is carried between the moving surfaces. A ball screw uses recirculating ball bearings to minimize friction and maximize efficiency while a lead screw depends on low coefficients of friction between sliding surfaces.

What is the ball screw lead?

Lead refers to the linear distance traveled for each complete turn of the screw, while pitch is the distance between screw threads. These terms are often used interchangeably, and for single-start screws (see below for definition), lead and pitch are equivalent.

Where can I buy ball screw parts?

With a large selection of stock ball screws, acme screws, and nuts, Wedin International is the ball screw manufacturer and lead screw supplier for you. We have all the parts you need—whenever you need them. 24/7 service dedicated to quick repairs of any ball screw assembly. Custom Engineered Machine Components. Need a custom part?

How much does it cost to repair a ball screw?

The repair cost is typically 50-60% the cost of new precision ball screws. We quote all ball screw repairs with a replacement option so you can not only compare your cost savings, but have the option of keeping an extra ball screw in stock to avoid replacement lead times. (Dynatect’s new ball screw lead times are still the best in the industry.)

What kind of Screws do we repair?

In addition to precision ball screw repair, we repair acme screws and lead screws. This repair service is for nearly all brands of screws, and we have over 30 years of experience with ball screws from all machine makes and models. Need to get back up and running in a hurry?

Why choose fastfast ball screw repair service in Michigan?

Fast ball screw repair service is available across North America from our repair center in Michigan. We offer fast, flexible lead times for ball screw repairs: Fast and economical replacement options: we can regrind your screw and replace the ball nut, or, replace the entire assembly if needed – in weeks, not months!