How is the ghost dressed to Hamlet?

How is the ghost dressed to Hamlet?

Saying he would not believe had he not seen for himself, Horatio is astounded to have seen the Ghost of King Hamlet dressed in the armor he wore when he conquered old King Fortinbras and defeated the Poles. The Ghost reappears, and Horatio entreats it to stay.

What Hamlet makes Horatio swear?

Intensely moved, Hamlet swears to remember and obey the ghost. Horatio and Marcellus arrive upon the scene and frantically ask Hamlet what has happened. Shaken and extremely agitated, he refuses to tell them, and insists that they swear upon his sword not to reveal what they have seen.

Why does the ghost only speak to Hamlet?

Hover for more information. The sentinel is not included for a couple of reasons. One is that he may alert others, believing the former king to be an evil spirit. But the more important reason is that only Hamlet can avenge his father’s death and he alone must be privy to the shocking truth.

Why did Hamlet swear his friends to secrecy What would they know about King Hamlet?

Why did Hamlet swear his friends to secrecy? He doesn’t want Hamlet to kill her; he doesn’t want people to think he’s crazy and doesn’t want it to get back to Claudius that Hamlet knows that he killed his father. Hamlet believes in the idea of destiny.

Why can’t Gertrude see the ghost in Hamlet?

Gertrude seeing the ghost would have served no purpose in the play, or it would have been counter productive. The ghost could appear and disappear at will. He need the guards to see him, so they would pass the word on to Hamlet. He needed Hamlet to see him in order to send Hamlet on the road to revenge.

Why is Hamlet considered a tragic hero?

In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses the tragedies and deaths to make the play a tragedy; Hamlet is a tragic hero because he is a person of high rank who violated a law, and he poses a threat to society and causes suffering to others through violating the law, which are all characteristics of a tragic hero.