How hot was it today in Seattle?

How hot was it today in Seattle?

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31 °F 27 °F 27 °F

What does KOMO stand for?


Seattle–Tacoma, Washington United States
Former affiliations NBC (1953–1959) ABC (secondary, 1958–1959)
Call sign meaning Derived from former sister station KOMO
Technical information
Licensing authority FCC

Why is Seattle cloudy?

What makes Seattle so rainy? Seattle is located slap-bang in the middle of a convergence zone where nearby weather patterns meet. It’s here that different streams of hot air, cold air and moisture collide, forming clouds, rain, hail and snow.

Where is Bill Wixey?

Bill lives in his hometown of Kirkland, Washington.

What happened to high-ranking Seattle Fire Official?

A high-ranking official at the Seattle Fire Department was found dead Sunday, concluding a nearly two-week-long search after he failed to return from a hunting trip in central Washington.

Is Seattle’s Sea potential beach walk open to non-white people?

Seattle Parks and Recreation co-hosted a beach walk with Sea Potential on Sunday that was advertised as “open to anyone who identifies” as non-White.

Are suburban taxpayers bearing the brunt of Seattle’s failed police policies?

A Seattle-area Republican pushing a new “Refund Police” initiative says suburban taxpayers have unfortunately been bearing the brunt of the far-left inner city’s failed policies, as his $14.4 million push for the sheriff’s office aims to offset measures tying police’s hands when it comes to public safety.

What happened to Seattle’s Deputy Fire Chief?

Search and rescue efforts for a high-ranking Seattle fire official continued Monday, nearly a week since the deputy chief and avid outdoorsman went missing in eastern Washington’s rugged terrain while on a hunting trip.