How do you use the sauna?

How do you use the sauna?


  2. STEP 2: Ensure there is water in the sauna bucket.
  3. STEP 3: Wait for the sauna to reach the desired temperature (usually 30 to 60 minutes).
  4. STEP 4: Take a warm shower and enter the sauna without drying.

Do you add water to a sauna?

Adding water over your sauna rocks produces a wonderful steam and humidifies your sauna session. Generally a couple of splashes of water is enough to create enough steam. Don’t pour the water, drizzle it over the rocks. You’ll get a better steam and it won’t overwhelm the room and your sauna heater.

Do you pour water on sauna rocks?

Water should be thrown on the sauna heater rocks with the use of a ladle so that the right amount of water is applied. Once the water hits the rocks, it turns to steam. You should not pour too much water onto the heater. But if you can provide a drain, it may be more convenient for cleaning purposes.

What temperature should a sauna be?

between 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit
What is the best temperature for a Sauna? The appropriate temperature for a sauna depends on your preference! Most people prefer to enjoy their sauna at temperatures between 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit for traditional saunas and 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit for infrared saunas.

How do you descale a Tylo steam generator?

Switch on the steam generator and let it run until the water in the tank begins to boil. Switch the generator off and wait for approximately 5 minutes. Unscrew the capping nut from the 3-way connector on top of the steam generator. Use a funnel to pour the de-scaling agent into the tank via the 3-way connector.

Should I shower after sauna?

In most cases you should shower directly after the sauna using warm, cool, or even cold water to ensure that you have washed any sweat or bacteria off of the skin that could cause body odor or discomfort later in the day. So, just to be safe, let’s shower after the sauna for good measure.

Is it OK to pour water on sauna rocks?

Sauna heaters have been designed to produce steam by adding water on the sauna rocks. The steam is very hot, and a steam burn can happen quickly to bare skin. You also do not want to pour too much water on a sauna heater that will result in the water cooling off the rocks quickly reducing the heat in the sauna.

How do you tell if a sauna is wet or dry?

The main difference between a wet and dry sauna is the water that is splashed over the rocks in a sauna that is wet. Because the rocks are heated to such an extreme temperature, the water vaporizes very quickly causing steam to form. In a dry sauna, there is no water, just heated rocks.

Is it bad to pour water on sauna?