How do you use Aroha Mai?

How do you use Aroha Mai?

Aroha ‘to have compassion’. Mai ‘towards me, the speaker’. ‘Aroha mai’ is often used to mean ‘I’m sorry’. And in most contexts, when it is the speaker seeking forgiveness or compassion for themselves it makes 100% sense.

What does Aroha mean NZ?

to love
Aroha means to love, feel pity for or to emphasize with. It’s a lovely, affectionate, kind phrase. Whanau – Another phrase common in NZ life.

Is Aroha a name?

Aroha is a Māori word meaning “love”, cognate with the Hawaiian term aloha. It is also a given name.

What does arohanui mean in New Zealand?

noun. mass nounNew Zealand. Much love; with deep affection (often used as a formula for ending a letter) ‘so it’s arohanui to him and, in his memory, let’s enjoy this song’

What does te wa mean?

/ ˈteɪ wə, ˈti- / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun, plural Te·was, (especially collectively) Te·wa for 1. a member of a cluster of pueblo-dwelling North American Indian peoples of New Mexico and Arizona. the Tanoan language of the Tewa.

What does Kai Pai mean?

English Translation. good meal. More meanings for kai pai. good eats.

What does Atoha mean?

/ (ˈɑːrɒhə) / noun. NZ love, compassion, or affectionate regard.

What does Ataahua mean in New Zealand?

Ataahua. Another girl’s name that literally means ‘beautiful’ in Māori.

What is Aroha mai play?

aroha mai Play. 1. (verb) sorry, I’m sorry, my apologies – a modern usage.

What does Aroha mean in Maori?

Top definition. Aroha nui. Maori, language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. (noun) with deep affection – often used in signing off letters to friends. More correctly, it should be written as two words, aroha nui. See aroha, nui. aroha: 1. (verb) (-ina,-tia) to love, feel pity, feel concern for, feel compassion, empathise.

What is Taku Aroha?

He is a falcon soaring beyond the mountain ranges, a bar-tailed godwit bobbing up and down (seen regularly) on marae, and a leader amongst the masses. E taku ipo, ka mau tonu taku aroha mōu kia hake rā anō taku tuarā.