How do you save a show on Soundcraft Si expression?

How do you save a show on Soundcraft Si expression?

Procedure to Backup/Save a mixer file:

  1. Insert a USB drive into the USB connector at the top of the mixer.
  2. Press the SHOW button on the touchscreen.
  3. Press SAVE AS on the touchscreen.
  4. Use the touchscreen keyboard to name the file.
  5. Press the APPLY button to the right of the screen.

How do I factory reset my si impact?

Si Compact Factory Reset

  1. Starting with the console off, hold the POWER key for ~5 seconds until the console starts.
  2. Press the MENU key once the loader screen appears.
  3. Press the LR, MONO and FX1 keys together, this opens the update page.
  4. Press the CLEAR SD CARD button on the touch screen.
  5. Restart the console. ​

How do I reset my Soundcraft Si expression?

What is the user guide version for Soundcraft SI expression?

User Guide v2.0 For Soundcraft Si Expression 1, 2 & 3 Incorporating Software version 1.6 User Manual INFORMATION INFORMATION INFORMATION IMPORTANT Please read this manual carefully before using your mixer

What are the dimensions of the SI expression?

635mm (25.0″) 25.1kg (55.2lbs) 169mm (6.7″) 928mm (36.5″) 520mm (20.5″) 21.0kg (46.2lbs) Si EXPRESSION 1 NOTE: Detailed DXF files are available for download from the Si EXPRESSION pages of the Soundcraft web site Soundcraft Si Expression User Guide V1.0 0213…

What are the input options on the Sisi expression 2?

Si EXPRESSION Rear Panel Si EXPRESSION 2 shown: Recallable Mic/Line Inputs x24 (16 on Si Expression 1 and 32 on Si Expression 3) Analogue Line Out x16 Word Clock and MIDI In & OUT Option card slot AES IN &… This is a balanced 2-channel digital input using a single XLR wires as per the balanced mic inputs.

What is SI expression 3?

Si Expression 3. Powerful cost effective digital console. Drawing on more than a decade of experience in the field of digital audio mixing, the Soundcraft® Si Expression exploits some of the newest DSP, component technology and manufacturing techniques to deliver our most powerful cost effective digital console ever!