How do you pronounce Gruumsh?

How do you pronounce Gruumsh?

Gruumsh (pronounced: /gruːmʃ/ groomsh or: /grʌmʃ/ grumsh) was an orc god and a greater deity.

How do you pronounce Phlan?

Flan is custard, this is Phlan!

  1. flawn.
  2. flaune.
  3. fee-loh-nay.
  4. fee-lan.
  5. fway-lean.
  6. fway-lin.
  7. fwayne.
  8. fay-lawn.

How do you pronounce menzoberranzan?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Menzoberranzan. men-zober-ran-zan.
  2. Meanings for Menzoberranzan. Drow elf city in the underdark of the fantasy world of Forgotten Realms.
  3. Translations of Menzoberranzan. Russian : Мензоберранзан

How do you pronounce Tharizdun?

Tharizdun (pronounced: /θɑːrˈɪzdʌn/ thar-IZ-dun) was a long-forgotten interloper god originating from Oerth who sought to destroy all that is.

How do you pronounce Svirfneblin?

Essentially it’s pronounced how its spelled, no real trick to it. Might help to think of it as “Smurf-Neblin”, only with a V instead of the M in smurf.

How do you pronounce Pelor?

Christopher Perkins on Twitter: “If you pronounce Pelor (sun god) “pee-lor,” (a) you’re wrong, and (b) please stop. 🌞” / Twitter.

How do you pronounce Gracklstugh?

Gracklstugh (pronounced: /ˈgrɑːkʊlstuːg/ GRAK-ul-stoog), the City of Blades, was a duergar city on the shores of the Darklake in the Northdark.

What happened CHED nasad?

It was estimated that half of Ched Nasad perished in the fall and a third fled into the tunnels. There were about 6,000 (presumably drow) who survived the initial destruction of the city and remained there, but over the next few months, nearly half of those died of privation or to monsters or simply left the city.

How do you pronounce Gwenhwyvar?

Just dropping a note about Gwenhwyvar: Although it is another spelling of Guinevere, it is not pronounced that way—just as the Celtics basketball team are the SELL-ticks, not the KELL-ticks. (Here’s a link about that.) It is pronounced more like its is spelled, although the second W might be dropped (GWEN-eh-varr).

How do you summon Guenhwyvar?

Guenhwyvar was summoned through a detailed onyx figurine of a panther. When summoned, the figurine emitted a gray mist which quickly solidified into the panther shape.

What kind of animal is Guenhwyvar?

Guenhwyvar herself was described as a “huge black panther.” This figurine was last in the possession of Drizzt Do’Urden, who treated Guenhwyvar as his ranger animal companion. She could be summoned to her master’s side for twelve hours every other day.

Who is Guenhwyvar in supernatural?

Guenhwyvar was a 600 lb (270 kg) black panther who resided on the Astral Plane. She was summoned to the Prime Material Plane by the use of an onyx Figurine of Wondrous Power.