How do you make tea lights with beeswax?

How do you make tea lights with beeswax?


  1. Press a tea light candle wick into a glue dot on the roll. Then place it into the center base of one cavity of the silicone mold.
  2. Use a kitchen scale to measure 1/2 lb beeswax pastilles.
  3. Remove the pitcher from the heat immediately after melting.
  4. Carefully pour the wax into each cavity of the mold.

What kind of wax do you use for tea lights?

Paraffin wax, also known as straight wax, is wax that doesn’t have any additives in it. The most commonly used and least-expensive candle wax, paraffin can be used to make many types of candles, including pillars, containers, votives, tealights, tapers and tarts.

Can you make homemade candles with beeswax?

Beeswax burns beautifully and is a wonderful option for natural, non-toxic, homemade candles. I’ve also got a great tutorial on how to make homemade soy candles, which is a wonderful budget-friendly alternative if you cannot get good-quality beeswax at a reasonable price.

Can you make your own tea lights?

Making tea lights can be a little more inexact. Place your soy wax flakes in your pouring pitcher and melt it in the microwave. DO NOT put the microwave on for several minutes and leave it unattended. Put in on for 30 seconds at a time and stir your wax after each burst.

How much beeswax do you need to make a tea light?

For each 25 to 30 tea lights that you want to make you’ll need 1 pound of beeswax. So if you want to make 100 tea lights, you’ll need 4 lbs. of beeswax. Beeswax tea light candles are one of the easiest candles to make.

How much wax do you need for tea lights?

Each standard plastic tealight cup has a capacity of 17 grams of unscented wax. As an example, we will create 8 tealights. This would mean you would multiply 8 tealights X 17 grams of wax per tealight which equals 136 grams of wax.

How much wax do you need for tealight?

For reference, a tealight cup holds approx 15-17grms wax. Directions: Place the required amount of wax into a plastic jug and melt in microwave. Alternatively, melt a larger amount and weigh off enough for your tealights.

What scents go well with beeswax?

Even with the addition of coconut oil, though, I’ve found that only very strong scents (peppermint, lemongrass, vetiver etc.) do well in DIY beeswax candles. Fortunately, most beeswax smells faintly of honey, which is delightful all by itself or when blended with essential oils.

How do you make homemade tea lights?


  1. STEP 1: Weigh and melt the soy wax. Place the metal Pouring Pitcher on your scale and tare the weight.
  2. STEP 2: Center wicks in tealight cups.
  3. STEP 3: Add dye and stir.
  4. STEP 4: Add fragrance oil and stir.
  5. STEP 5: Pour wax into tealight cups.
  6. STEP 6: Recenter wicks.
  7. STEP 7: Cure tealight candles overnight.

How many grams of wax are in a tea light?

Each standard plastic tealight cup has a capacity of 17 grams of unscented wax.

How to make beeswax tea light candles?

Beeswax tea light candles are one of the easiest candles to make. Even the novice who is just learning how to make a candle will have immediate success with beeswax tea lights. Melt beeswax. Prepare the wicks for 25 wick tabs. Let the wax harden. 1 lb. of beeswax will make approximately 30 candles. Each tea light base holds 15ml/1 tbsp. of wax.

How much wax do you put in a tea light?

Each tea light base holds 15ml/1 tbsp. of wax. Beeswax should be melted in a tin placed inside a pot of water. The water in the bottom pot prevents the wax from getting hot enough to spontaneously ignite. The tin and pot should be reserved for candle making, so don’t choose your best cookware.

How do you put a wick in a tea light?

Using a 1.75 mm crochet hook (US no. 7), thread the wick through the hole in the wick tab. Secure the wick in place with a dab of wax on the underside of the tab. While the wax is still warm, place the tab securely inside the tea light cup, centering it.

What did Sarah do with beeswax tea lights in Israel?

When Sarah was in Israel last summer, she took beeswax tea lights with her to light on Friday night. One of her apartment mates had a bad headache one evening. She gave her friend one of her candles to burn in her room.