How do you make a paper tree stand up?

How do you make a paper tree stand up?


  1. Fold brown paper in half and draw half of a bare tree along the fold.
  2. Cut the tree out and make a second copy.
  3. Glue the trees together along 1 of the folded sides.
  4. Unfold the tree, stand it up, and let it dry.
  5. Fold a piece of thin green paper like a fan.
  6. Cut a leaf shape out of the fan while it is still folded.

How do you make an origami Christmas tree?

Making a 3D Origami Christmas Tree Set a square piece of paper color side down and fold it diagonally both ways. Open the paper back up, then fold it in half vertically and then horizontally. Bring 2 opposite corners into the center, collapsing the paper into a square. Fold the corner of the top flap into the center.

How to make origami Christmas tree?

Start by laying your paper square down with the white side facing up.

  • Fold it in half edge to edge. Open back out and fold in half again this time in the other direction.
  • Open back out and fold in half again this time across both the diagonals.
  • Open out and lay flat with the white side facing up. Using the creases you have…
  • How to make origami trees?

    Cut an 8×11 piece of green paper in half. You’ll need one half for each tree you wish to make.

  • Fold each corner up,and then unfold the paper flat. Fold your paper up across the middle of the “X”,and then unfold.
  • Push down on the middle of the “X”,and then bring the paper up to flatten it into a triangle.
  • Turn the paper over and repeat Steps 2-3 at the opposite end.
  • Fold the corners of the triangle to the middle.
  • Grasp both sides of the paper and bring it up to flatten into a triangle.
  • Fold your paper up so the two triangles are approximately ½ inch apart.
  • Attach your completed tree to the front of a greeting card. Add a star-shaped brad or sticker to the top.
  • How do you make a paper Christmas tree?

    Directions for Making a Paper Christmas Tree: Step 1: Open up the cereal box from the seams and lay flat. Step 2: Hot glue along one side of the half circle to hold the cone in place. Step 3: Tree base will look like this after it is rolled and glued. Step 4: Begin punching out the tags on all 3 sheets of scrapbook paper.