How do you make a flexible cable in Solidworks?

How do you make a flexible cable in Solidworks?

To create a flexible ribbon cable route:

  1. Insert the first ribbon cable connector into the assembly.
  2. Insert the second ribbon cable connector, and, optionally, ribbon cable clips.
  3. In the Auto Route PropertyManager, under Routing Mode, select Auto-Route.
  4. Under Auto Route, select Flexible.
  5. Define the path of the cable:

Can you make wires in Solidworks?

SOLIDWORKS Routing is the creation of electrical wiring, cabling, conduit and tubing routes. SOLIDWORKS Routing is a package that is available with all Premium Licenses. The first thing we need to do is drag and drop a connector from the design library to an existing component in an assembly.

How do I add a cable in Solidworks assembly?

Click Tools > Routing > Electrical > Standard Cables….Inserting a Standard Cable or Tube

  1. Under Filename, browse to the Excel file that defines your standard cables and tubes.
  2. Select Cables or Tubes.
  3. Under Available Cables (or Available Tubes), select the cable or tube to be inserted.
  4. Click Insert Cable (or Insert Tube).

How do you use the Flex feature in Solidworks?

Flex Input

  1. Move the pointer over the triad arrows to display the drag/rotate pointer. .
  2. Move the pointer over the trim plane manipulators to display the move pointer .
  3. Move the pointer over the edge of the trim planes to display the bending pointer .
  4. Drag the trim planes to bend and modify the flex feature.

How do you make a part flexible in SolidWorks 2019?

To make a subassembly flexible: Click a subassembly in the FeatureManager design tree and select Component Properties . In the dialog box, under Solve as, select Flexible, then click OK.

How do you solve a flexible in SolidWorks?

How do you flex a part in Solidworks assembly?