How do you identify a glass slag lamp?

How do you identify a glass slag lamp?

You can determine antique slag glass with a few steps:

  1. Look at the coloring for a marbling effect. It should not just be white streaks mixed in with another color, or one solid color.
  2. Examine the color. Antique slag items are usually brown, blue, green or purple.
  3. Look for names and marks of manufacturers.

What are milk glass lamps worth?

In general, you can find milk glass anywhere from $5 to $30 for a single piece. Some pieces might fetch dramatically more, but this value depends on several factors.

How do you tell if a lamp is a Stiffel?

Stiffel lamps often contain a foil signature decal on the bottom of the lamp’s metal or high-quality wood base. Look for “Stiffel Lamp Company,” “SLC” or “Stiffel” on the decal or etched into the bottom of the lamp’s base.

How can I tell if I have a Bradley and Hubbard lamp?

The value is based on the condition of the glass shade and the size of the lamp. The shade appears to be intact, and the lamp is a nice size. If the lamp were marked, it would have a triangle with Bradley and Hubbard’s names.

What is vintage slag glass?

“Slag glass” is a collectors’ name for opaque pressed glass with coloured streaks, usually white and/or cream streaks like this brown bugle made by George Davidson’s in the North East of England in the 1890’s. Mosaic glass was made by combining together glass from two separate pots, one purple and one opal or white.

How can you tell if antique glass is valuable?

Factors like age, item type, size, colors, and condition affect the value of carnival glass. Pieces dating before 1940 are more valuable, as are complete sets of items and larger objects. Colors like ice green (which is sold for over $16,000) and marigold are rarer and highly prized.

How do you date a lamp by the cord?

Clues in the Cord In an electric lamp, the cord often reveals the clue to the lamp’s age, unless the cord has been replaced. Inspect the cord; if it looks old, the lamp probably is as well. The metal prongs on the plug are likely the same size, rather than one end that is larger than the other.

What are the parts of a table lamp?

Parts of a Table Lamp (top to bottom): Bulb: Provide the light. Harp: Vertical shade support and shade attachment into the socket. Socket shell: light socket for bulb. Insulation sleeve: Secures socket shell to the switch and base. Switch: Turns light on and off. Base: Lighting element base that attaches to the lamp body. Threaded tube: Attaches lighting components to the lamp body.

What is an outdoor table lamp?

Outdoor Table Lamps. Outdoor table lamps and accent lights are freestanding portable lamps. Great for outdoors and can be used indoors as well. All lamps are made with outdoor resistancy and certified for outdoor use.

What is an antique Betty lamp?

The Betty lamp is thought to be of German, Austrian, or Hungarian origin. The Betty Lamp first came into use in the 18th century. They were commonly made of iron or brass and were most often used in the home or workshop. These lamps burned fish oil or fat trimmings and had wicks of twisted cloth.

What is an antique lamp?

Antique lamps have a metal fitting collar that screws into the burner, a metal font-to-base connection and metal fitting holes where the oil is poured into. A real antique lamp also has hardware that is attached to the lamp with plaster. Modern antique-styled lamps have hardware that is glued on, and is easier to remove than older ones.